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Segments: I Love Razz Edition

For those unfamiliar, razz is a lowball stud game. For those unfamiliar with poker terminology, that last sentence does nothing to help you. For anyone and everyone, here’s a link to what Wikipedia says on the subject. In a grand realization that retirement is good, Dad downloaded an online poker client to the old compy and has been a resident of my bedroom ever since. I should charge rent. Seriously.

Anyway, I get on my account from time to time and play razz. This is a bit odd, as it is widely known as a game that angers even the best players. I don’t understand why, it just is. As I write this post, I’m playing a game for fun. So many people love to play Texas Hold ’em, probably due to the poker boom that’s been going on since around 2001. It’s not my thing—I can play alright, and I’ve made money, but razz is my thing. It’s more fun…maybe not as exciting, but more fun.


The job hunt for Lexington is going…well, we’ll just say going. I have landed a job (stocking/register type work), though I’m hoping to hear back from a company I had a second interview with last week, or to land a job with a place I’m interviewing with this coming Thursday. In either case, I’ll be back in Lexington by the end of the month. Being away from my lovely fiancee for a bit will be upsetting, but with her trying to save money and me working as many hours as I can get, she’ll be with me within two to five months. Plus, I plan on making regular trips in to get things from home, so that will give me plenty of chances to see her.


Since I left my job at the law office and went back to subbing, I’ve realized that, despite what people might say, teaching actually isn’t that bad of a job. The pay isn’t that bad (could be better, but for a young guy, certainly not bad) and the benefits seem great. This is certainly food for thought as I consider possible career moves…


Everyone, keep your eyes peeled: Zombie Jesus is on the loose today.


At A Loss

I’m not sorry at all that I haven’t blogged regularly for the last little bit.

Yesterday was my last day at the law office. I kind of expected that they would want to end my two-week period early because of the way the paydays are structured. I wanted to turn in a notice for yesterday, but I felt shitty turning in a notice for just over a week. Regardless, everything’s cool there. Left on good terms and whatnot. I’m a little worried about the upcoming “what the fuck” period where I struggle to move, pay bills, save money, and relocate, but I’ll make it. I always do.

Also, me and Cute Cashier Girl have been hanging out. A lot. Like, every day this week except for Wednesday, when some horrible tummy issues crept up. But we even made up for that shit. Some of you are probably saying, “Dude, you just got out of a relationship, AND you’re moving—is this the thing to do?” I have to respond with a Family Guy reference, and be like Dick Cheney if he were a door-greeter at a big chain store—“Go fuck yourself.” Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but we each enjoy the company of the other, and that’s what counts.

So, between hanging out with CCG, planning out how I’m going to make it, and daily life-type things, you’ve been put on the back burner. But, you didn’t really want that sort of attention ALL the time, did you? You were dying for a smoke break, for a chance to walk around a bit, get a breath of fresh air. Or maybe you’ve been anxiously awaiting the post that wouldn’t come.

Well, here it is. Enjoy it. Also, enjoy this video.

Jeez oh pete, I love Paul Gilbert.

Twist and Shout

Despite some minor setbacks, this Valentine’s Day weekend went well.

A running topic at The Corner Booth has been: when will Mike get his computer shit fixed, yo? The saga continues…

I make my way into Lexington around 8 PM Friday evening. I made it to my friend’s apartment, and dropped off my monitor, my old tower, and the parts for the new box. I’m lucky to have tech-savvy friends who aren’t afraid of fucking up incredibly small computer equipment; doing the assembly myself would have caused me to pee my pants. Anyhoo, they wanted to do the physical build on Friday night, and we would all meet together on Saturday morning to install the software while watching the UK game (UK beat the piss out of Arkansas, by the way).

With my parts in their care, I went out for an enjoyable evening with my future roommates Erin and Josef. We went out for dinner, then headed to Pazzo’s (only the best pizza pub ever) for some drinks. Afterward, we headed to a mutual friend’s place for a firepit gathering. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a pyromaniac, so finding things that would get the fire to a steady roar was my task for the two hours or so we were there. Very fun. Add in a Smash Bros. and Mario Kart nightcap, and it’s a solid night.

Saturday, I get to my friend’s place and find out that the motherboard—you remember, the one that I had to wait for because it was on back order—was shot. They had tested all the other parts, including the power supply, but couldn’t get the thing to come on. After a few minutes on the phone with customer service, I had a return shipping label in my inbox, and a new motherboard on the way. Looks like I’ll have to wait until next week to have my geek-out post. My apologies to those of you who were waiting on pins and needles. Of course, pins and needles aren’t exactly comfy things, so maybe you shouldn’t have been waiting on them in the first place.

Saturday evening went well, despite the fact that it was Valentine’s day and I’m recently single. I had some dinner and Jeopardy fun with Joe and Erin, then it was off to the bowling alley with Hohjamin…except that the bowling alley had about 3 lanes open, and there was a mile-long line to put your name on a waiting list. No thanks, we said, and headed to a bar with the best selection in Lexington (over 200, total). Hohjamin may have convinced me to start looking for a job early, and move out to Lex Vegas ahead of my current schedule—damn him and his MBA brains. We’ll see how it goes.

And that’s about it. I head back home today, spend a week at work, and then come back, hoping that the mobo is indeed the issue, and that the one being sent to me now is in working order. Oh, and I got a new (to me) camera! It’s awesome! I’ll have to post practice shots sometime this week.

Now, if I can only convince myself that Taco Bell is not a good breakfast…

Super Delegator

NOTE: I just lost this post. Why the hell did WordPress log me out?

Don’t know what happened, but I managed to delegate responsibility…to my direct supervisor. GTD FTW!

Actually, I’m well aware of what happened. I was feeling overloaded, and not because I’m unorganized. I was given way more work than I could do in forty hours a week. Writing all the briefs in my department, plus the normal mundane paperwork. Not a great thing, especially when you find out on Wendesday that you have one due Thursday and two due Friday. Luckily, I was able to get an attorney to write one of the briefs (it was their case, so I didn’t feel bad) and the other case settled, rendering moot the submission of a brief.

What did I learn from that experience? That, if I thought I was being given an unfair workload, I could talk to the higher-ups and work out a solution. At least, that’s what I thought would happen, until I realized the true issue—I wasn’t understanding my job duties clearly. So, I went to The Boss (not the same guy who did a crotch slide into the camera during the Super Bowl halftime show) for clarification. Turns out, I’m not supposed be doing all the briefs after all. Which is awesome. If I had been assigned all the briefs, I would have had to ask to have a lightened paperwork load.

All this may sound like I’m bitching about work, but I’m not. Just relaying a tale of how one determined, hairy cube-type decided to take a stand and say, “Hey, tell me what the fuck I’m supposed to be doing!”

How about you? We all feel overloaded with work at some point. What did you do to handle the situation? Did you ask for clarification of your job duties? Did you decide that you needed to be better organized (and if so, how did you organize yourself)? Did you crawl under your desk and wait for 5 PM to roll around? Sharing is caring, leave comment love.

Happy Monday to all my fellow office/cube slaves.

Because It’s Wednesday…

I’ll write a snippet or two. Can you write two snippets? Wouldn’t that just be an elongated snippet? And wouldn’t that, in turn, no longer be a snippet, but something greater—like, a tidbit? An excerpt? Definitely not a morsel, a morsel is smaller than a snippet.

I’m back at work today. Monday I was under the weather (figuratively) and Tuesday I was under the weather (literally). I’d hoped to get into work as a form of distraction, but I’d forgotten that, in a mad rush to get out the door, I did most of my work on Friday. I still have stuff to do, but not as much as I’d thought. I know better than to space it out throughout the day, though—as soon as I do, the mail will come, and I’ll have a shit-ton of work on my shoulders.

I just finalized the details of a very important guest post, by the way. It took me a while to get the guest blogger to agree to do some work on my blog, but I can be persuasive (read: I begged GB to write about a topic that I just can’t). As it happens, though, Guest Blogger requires that I put up their post by the end of the week. Which is funny, as I can’t do much about it until I get the writing from them. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the post. Look for it by the end of the week.

Wait, no hint?

Right, a hint. Okay, fine. Here you go: readers who make astute observations, or have kept up with my blog for a while, already know GB. That’s all you get.

EDIT: So, on my way to the kitchen here at work, someone decided it would be a good idea to pull my chest hair (no, I’m not wearing a disco shirt, I just have the top button of a polo undone and I’m secretly Bigfoot). Pulling my chest hair hurts, so I let loose with a semi-loud “goddamn!” and continued on my way. The woman who pulled my chest hair said “Hey,” followed me, and….

Chest Hair Puller: You…you said a bad word.
Me:  Huh?
CHP: You said it, “God…”
Me: I don’t see that as bad, really, and I’m not entirely sure I believe in God.

[CHP exits, flabbergasted and confused]

I didn’t say what I said to hurt or offend anyone, just being honest. I know one thing though—my chest hair won’t get pulled at work again.

How My Brain Nearly Exploded at Work!!!

It’s Thursday, kids. Or, as a colleague put it, “Friday Eve.” I think I like that better.

I’m sort of starting to de-stress about my work situation. Which only means that I finally pounded out my first brief, and no longer have to worry about it. Since I finished it, I’ve been thinking about why it was such a stressful time for me. Here are some things I’ve come up with.

1.) Short notice. I was told in a Monday meeting that I would be given more responsibility in the form of writing briefs. I was excited about this, until I found out that I had one due that Thursday, two due that Friday, and I knew nothing about the cases. Eek!

2.) Backlog. In addition to that stress, I also had a pile of “mindless” work on my desk. Up to that point, I hadn’t really had challenges at work, so I was spacing out the work I did in order to keep me steadily busy throughout the day. The “brief bomb” turned this somewhat clever plan into a fuck-up souffle, as this sort of work—marking where certain papers go in a file, documenting the receipt of said files, sending the files to FileWorld—never really stops coming in.

3.) Lack of clarity. This one actually ended up working out in my favor somewhat. When my boss said he wanted me to start doing briefs, he wasn’t specific as to which briefs I should be doing. This was a source of both stress and hope—would I have to do all the briefs, or would I be getting my “sea legs,” so to speak? It ended up being the latter, but I had some decent weight on my shoulders until a couple of days ago, when I asked my boss directly, to a reply of, “Fuck no, that would give you two strokes and a hangover.” The Boss can be okay sometimes.

After all the mental hullabaloo, I’ve been trying to re-think my work day. I no longer think it’s smart to come in with the “I get here at 8, I leave here at 5” mentality. I believe it’s time to compartmentalize or micro-manage or [insert another five-dollar word here] my day in order to streamline it, make the day go by quicker and get more accomplished. Now, figuring out how the hell I’m going to do that might be a trick, but it’s one I’m willing to learn in order to remove stress.

Any tips on this one? Are any of my twenty-something peeps also working the office life, or working a similar shift? If so, how do you break down your day? What helps you meet your work goals in a timely and efficient fashion? Comment with love.


I woke up with incredible back pain, a splitting headache, and the urge to vomit (I quenched the thirst).

So, why am I getting ready to go to work? Simple: we just moved two offices into one new location, which means we can’t find anything, and a doctor needs some stuff from us by Thursday. THURSDAY. So, instead of taking the Mikey-feel-better time I want, my conscience is forcing me to get ready and go in for a half-day. Ugh.

At least my paycheck will be on my desk when I get there…

Enjoy the workweek, folks.

This makes one-hundred.