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Segments: I Love Razz Edition

For those unfamiliar, razz is a lowball stud game. For those unfamiliar with poker terminology, that last sentence does nothing to help you. For anyone and everyone, here’s a link to what Wikipedia says on the subject. In a grand realization that retirement is good, Dad downloaded an online poker client to the old compy and has been a resident of my bedroom ever since. I should charge rent. Seriously.

Anyway, I get on my account from time to time and play razz. This is a bit odd, as it is widely known as a game that angers even the best players. I don’t understand why, it just is. As I write this post, I’m playing a game for fun. So many people love to play Texas Hold ’em, probably due to the poker boom that’s been going on since around 2001. It’s not my thing—I can play alright, and I’ve made money, but razz is my thing. It’s more fun…maybe not as exciting, but more fun.


The job hunt for Lexington is going…well, we’ll just say going. I have landed a job (stocking/register type work), though I’m hoping to hear back from a company I had a second interview with last week, or to land a job with a place I’m interviewing with this coming Thursday. In either case, I’ll be back in Lexington by the end of the month. Being away from my lovely fiancee for a bit will be upsetting, but with her trying to save money and me working as many hours as I can get, she’ll be with me within two to five months. Plus, I plan on making regular trips in to get things from home, so that will give me plenty of chances to see her.


Since I left my job at the law office and went back to subbing, I’ve realized that, despite what people might say, teaching actually isn’t that bad of a job. The pay isn’t that bad (could be better, but for a young guy, certainly not bad) and the benefits seem great. This is certainly food for thought as I consider possible career moves…


Everyone, keep your eyes peeled: Zombie Jesus is on the loose today.


Sub Life

I pulled my first day as a substitute teacher today.  I got the call at 9:30–one of the teachers’ kids was sick, and they needed “someone to fill in now.”  It was at this point I began the mad rush to get dressed and get out the door.  I think that’s the most I’ve ever wanted to get to school, and the fastest I’ve ever made it.  Things change when you’re getting paid to go…

I get there, walk in, and realize that my lunch period is about to start–a grateful little boy was I for the extra prep time.  Not for the bad corn dog, though; damn thing tasted like it was made by Firestone.  Then, on to class.  The schedule is fucked up at this particular school, so much so that its true nature evades me.  The first class I taught lasted well over an hour, surprisingly well-behaved too.  The next class, I accidentally went to the first break, due to some misinformation.  The kids were being quiet…until I walked in the door.  A few of them decided to turn into Satan and wreak havoc.  Thank goodness I had my sword.  They had to do work when they could have skated by with low-level conversation.  Last class went well, and I was glad to see it end–I was tired and slightly aggravated.  Overall, though, it was a good experience–I felt welcomed by the other teachers.  It’s good to feel welcome.

In other news, I might be building my own acoustic guitar (more details if any become available) and Mom made some chili.  My sister and I are currently washing our freshly untied tie dye shirts.  I see a lot of color bleeding into the water (it’s cold).  I’m not sure if it’s supposed to do that or not…it’ll all come out in the wash, though [too much?].  I’ll post a picture as an edit to this post once the wash/dry cycle is complete.  

I’m sure you’re waiting on pins and needles.

[EDIT] As promised, here are the pics of the shirt I made–front and back view.

And the back…

I’m a big fan.