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Segments: I Love Razz Edition

For those unfamiliar, razz is a lowball stud game. For those unfamiliar with poker terminology, that last sentence does nothing to help you. For anyone and everyone, here’s a link to what Wikipedia says on the subject. In a grand realization that retirement is good, Dad downloaded an online poker client to the old compy and has been a resident of my bedroom ever since. I should charge rent. Seriously.

Anyway, I get on my account from time to time and play razz. This is a bit odd, as it is widely known as a game that angers even the best players. I don’t understand why, it just is. As I write this post, I’m playing a game for fun. So many people love to play Texas Hold ’em, probably due to the poker boom that’s been going on since around 2001. It’s not my thing—I can play alright, and I’ve made money, but razz is my thing. It’s more fun…maybe not as exciting, but more fun.


The job hunt for Lexington is going…well, we’ll just say going. I have landed a job (stocking/register type work), though I’m hoping to hear back from a company I had a second interview with last week, or to land a job with a place I’m interviewing with this coming Thursday. In either case, I’ll be back in Lexington by the end of the month. Being away from my lovely fiancee for a bit will be upsetting, but with her trying to save money and me working as many hours as I can get, she’ll be with me within two to five months. Plus, I plan on making regular trips in to get things from home, so that will give me plenty of chances to see her.


Since I left my job at the law office and went back to subbing, I’ve realized that, despite what people might say, teaching actually isn’t that bad of a job. The pay isn’t that bad (could be better, but for a young guy, certainly not bad) and the benefits seem great. This is certainly food for thought as I consider possible career moves…


Everyone, keep your eyes peeled: Zombie Jesus is on the loose today.


Wednesday Bloody Wednesday

As you’re reading this, I’m turning in my two-week notice at my law office job. Well, maybe not at the exact time you’re reading this, but it’s happening today, that should be good enough.

Why am I leaving my job, you might be asking. Commendable question, really. Long story short, I’m unhappy with where I am right now, both personally and professionally. I need more out of life then the 8-5 job, followed by going home and either napping or surfing the internet. I occasionally break out my guitar, but sometimes I don’t feel good enough to do that (!!!).

I need a better work environment, and it’d be great to get better pay, too—a college degree should mean something (like, I have some loans I want to pay back, so you should pay me more, kthxbye).  Unfortunately, the work environment in my small town isn’t that great—no real advances available. Something I’ve realized the hard way—I need my friends. More than I realized. I have one hell of a support network, and I can’t have them long-distance anymore.

I’ve thought about this move for a while, but I let my family situation get in the way. I’ve written about this before (link to come). I moved home to save money, reconnect with friends who lived here, and spend time with my family.  I’ve been able save an okay amount, but most of the friends who were here aren’t here anymore. Bummer.

And, as much as I love my family, I’ve already learned how to make it on my own. Moving away doesn’t mean I’ll never come back—I’m only a three-hour drive away. But, while I’m young, and while I have this weird spirit about me that says I really can do anything, I need to figure out what that anything is. To do that, I have to be on my own, not in some situation that makes me part-adult, part-high-schooler.

So, I’m looking for a job in Lexington, working out a place to stay, and am hoping for the best. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Also, I’m sorry I didn’t do 20Sb Vlog Day. I’m thinking I may post one soon, provided I can figure out how to work my new camera’s video function, and successfully upload to “The Youtubes.”

Twist and Shout

Despite some minor setbacks, this Valentine’s Day weekend went well.

A running topic at The Corner Booth has been: when will Mike get his computer shit fixed, yo? The saga continues…

I make my way into Lexington around 8 PM Friday evening. I made it to my friend’s apartment, and dropped off my monitor, my old tower, and the parts for the new box. I’m lucky to have tech-savvy friends who aren’t afraid of fucking up incredibly small computer equipment; doing the assembly myself would have caused me to pee my pants. Anyhoo, they wanted to do the physical build on Friday night, and we would all meet together on Saturday morning to install the software while watching the UK game (UK beat the piss out of Arkansas, by the way).

With my parts in their care, I went out for an enjoyable evening with my future roommates Erin and Josef. We went out for dinner, then headed to Pazzo’s (only the best pizza pub ever) for some drinks. Afterward, we headed to a mutual friend’s place for a firepit gathering. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a pyromaniac, so finding things that would get the fire to a steady roar was my task for the two hours or so we were there. Very fun. Add in a Smash Bros. and Mario Kart nightcap, and it’s a solid night.

Saturday, I get to my friend’s place and find out that the motherboard—you remember, the one that I had to wait for because it was on back order—was shot. They had tested all the other parts, including the power supply, but couldn’t get the thing to come on. After a few minutes on the phone with customer service, I had a return shipping label in my inbox, and a new motherboard on the way. Looks like I’ll have to wait until next week to have my geek-out post. My apologies to those of you who were waiting on pins and needles. Of course, pins and needles aren’t exactly comfy things, so maybe you shouldn’t have been waiting on them in the first place.

Saturday evening went well, despite the fact that it was Valentine’s day and I’m recently single. I had some dinner and Jeopardy fun with Joe and Erin, then it was off to the bowling alley with Hohjamin…except that the bowling alley had about 3 lanes open, and there was a mile-long line to put your name on a waiting list. No thanks, we said, and headed to a bar with the best selection in Lexington (over 200, total). Hohjamin may have convinced me to start looking for a job early, and move out to Lex Vegas ahead of my current schedule—damn him and his MBA brains. We’ll see how it goes.

And that’s about it. I head back home today, spend a week at work, and then come back, hoping that the mobo is indeed the issue, and that the one being sent to me now is in working order. Oh, and I got a new (to me) camera! It’s awesome! I’ll have to post practice shots sometime this week.

Now, if I can only convince myself that Taco Bell is not a good breakfast…

Segments: Security Deposit Edition

Yeah, that’s how tired I am—not only am I writing a Segments post, but the only thing I could think of for a subtitle was “Security Deposit Edition.” Oh well, it fits the format, you get to read something, and I get to write.

As you might have guessed, I just wrote the check for the security deposit on my new place. I’m very excited about getting back to Lexington (there should be more on this in later posts) and pumped about living with my friends Erin and Josef. I’m glad that I moved back here to spend time with my family, save money, and reconnect with friends, but truthfully, I feel like a goldfish that grew up in a lake, and is being forced into a bowl. Overall, getting back to Lex Vegas will be a positive.


Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of my parents’ wedding. I’m very excited and pleased by this. They’ve had ups and downs, and I certainly don’t believe they communicate the way I would, but they know and love each other. It takes all kinds, and I’m glad that my parents are my parents.


I had the Blizzard of the Month from DQ—Choco Cherry Love. Oh. My. God. Go get one. Now. Or a pint of Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry’s. Ugh. This last bit of rambling makes me thankful I’m cutting out sweets for a a couple weeks. I’m a cotton-headed ninny muggins.


I’m excited about the 20SB meetup…


and you should be too.


I’m taking a trip to Lexington this weekend. When I come back, I will have some or all of the following: 

  • A new (to me) camera
  • A (mostly) new computer
  • A quenched beer thirst (any recommendations?)
  • Pictures of the weekend that was
  • Two newly strung guitars

Also, it’s Wednesday, or as we office/cube-types like to refer to it, “we’re at the top of the hill, let’s just coast the rest of the week” day. Monday and Tuesday of this week were absolutely killer, which begs the question: How do you get through the week? What keeps you going? Hope to get an answer from you!

Magoo Writes: The Weekend That Was and Wasn’t

Hello, kids. Kids—that’s what Mike calls you, isn’t it? Jeez. Did you know he sometimes refers to himself as M. Edward, too? Yeah, actually signs his name like that and everything. How do I know? He leaves all his papers and junk in my floorboard. And my seats. And everywhere else. I digress.

I’m a little worried about my buddy. Don’t let him know I told you, but we were both incredibly happy when we found each other. He wanted a bit of independence, and I wanted to get away from those salesmen. They smelled like cheese. Mike hasn’t been that guy for the last few days, though. I think he has a lot on his brain.

How do I know this, you say? I’m just a truck, you say? Obviously, you’ve never been with me when I’ve taken the entire Mountain Parkway in less than an hour. If there’s one thing I know (aside from Shell gasoline tasting like liquid chicken) it’s Mike’s moods. I was in and out this weekend, but I took some notes. Yeah, I can take notes–I’m writing this, aren’t I?

Friday, 5 PM:
Dressed to the nines, he is. Must be going somewhere after work today. Judging by the weight of the duffel bag, probably one of the crazy weekend trips he likes to take. Wait, what’s this? A big red gift bag?! Oh, man, I forgot, he’s going to do that Christmas thing! I’m not too good with times and dates, but didn’t everyone else already do this? Ah, who gives a fuck, we’re Lexington bound, bitches! I love that place. So what if they’ve cracked down on the parking, if you’re smart like me, you’ll find a spot. Time to gas up and hit the road!

Friday, 7:30 PM:
Mike doesn’t seem as happy as he was earlier. He called that lady he hangs out with, I guess to let her know we’re close. Wasn’t the usual  reaction on his face, though—you could see his…er, you could tell…well, I’ll put this way: if he were a car, it would be like his oil was 3,000 miles past checkup, his air filter was clogged, and his headlights blew out. This didn’t stop him from making more phone calls, though—unsurprising, as he’s addicted to that damn Blackberry of his. It sounded like the same conversation over and over again—full of questions like “what do you think” and “what does this mean?” He doesn’t have class anymore, so it can’t be a homework thing. I don’t get it, Mike’s a smart guy, he should be able to figure it out.

Friday, 8:30 PM:
You ever feel like the world was a tuxedo, and you were a pair of brown shoes? That’s me right now. When Mike got to the lady’s apartment, he left his bag in here. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve carried it this far, I’ll carry it some more. But, why wouldn’t he just take it inside? I mean, he’s staying there, right? And why aren’t they holding hands? This is so weird: she seems content, he looks like a boxer who didn’t see the punch coming, but is trying to play it off. I’m deep, for a pickup.

Saturday, 4 PM:
Well, this is strange. It’s a Saturday, and Mike was up, out and about at 10:30 AM. He picked up the medicine ball he’s been bitching about (I understand him on that one, though—apparently the gym charges $8 to get in, and he only uses the med ball, so why not pay more upfront and save money in the long run. I’m an economic god.). He’s also not playing any music. Normally, I’d be relieved. I get tired of screaming songs every time he hops in the car. This is a weird silence. His face is unreadable. He’s not saying anything. No phone calls. Which is odd. I know he saw some friends last night after hanging out with the lady. And he didn’t stay there last night. What’s his deal?

Sunday, 2 PM:
Fucking finally! I haven’t seen Mike since around this time yesterday. I’ve had to look at the fat ass of this Jetta all night. I mean, if were cranked up on octane booster, maybe, but…oh, right. He’s looking kind of rough. Hasn’t had a shave in a bit. Shuffling his way to me, instead of that confident walk he has on occasion. I also haven’t seen the lady since Friday night, so I think I know what’s happened. Poor guy. I’m just glad he didn’t do anything too nuts last night; I’m the crazy one in this relationship. He’s gotta have control if he wants to boogie with me. Though, I certainly wouldn’t blame the guy if he wanted to check out for a little bit—you gotta have a release. Mine is cutting off people who cut you off a few feet back. Never gets old. Oh good, the music’s back. I’ll indulge…for now.

Sunday, 11 PM:
This is strange, I thought we’d be home by now. But we’re over at what he calls his future place. I hear him talking about this place a lot—stuff like, “I’m glad I know that shelf fits in Magoo.” Sounds like he’s planning to haul his stuff here. I hope he plans on giving me a fucking oil change between now and then; I’m tough, but when I move things, I like to be on fresh juice. Looks like he’ll be staying here in Lexington another night. I’m pretty observant, and I think Mike really likes this place. Back in Mountain Land, we don’t take the late night drives. We don’t go out to meet his friends (and their awesome cars) on a whim. Everything has to be so planned. I don’t like planned, and it’s not Mike’s style, either. I’m glad he was here when all this happened—I can only do so much for him. His friends have been there for him this whole weekend—swell people, I’d say. They could ride with me anyday.

Not much to tell after that. We made our way home on Monday, trying to avoid a late night ice storm that kept Mike from going to work on Tuesday. He kept bitching about how his work was going to pile up, but I’d say the extra day off was good for him (and not gonna lie, I wanted to rest a bit. He drove around quite a bit on Sunday night, trying to straighten things out). I took him to work today. When he came out, he seemed okay. Not totally better, but okay.

He probably has more questions than answers, but who doesn’t? He just needs time. For my sake, I hope it’s on the road.

So Shines A Good Deed…

You’ll remember from an earlier post that, due to a slight mishap (read: I forgot to check all the information in the “Shipping “Address section) a package containing 2 GB from TigerDirect ended up being shipped to my old address. At an apartment complex, aka Package Hell.

After contacting the main office a couple of times, with no luck, I thought that I would have to chalk up the original package as lost and order a new one. Today being Friday, friend to all cube-types, I decided to give it one last shot.

Apartment Office: Hello.
Me: Um, yes, I called a couple of times last week, I used to live there, and accidentally sent a package by UPS to that address. Have you seen it?
AO: Why, I believe I have. One of our residents brought it down to us Monday, saying that you no longer lived there.
Me: She’d be right—you mean, you actually have it?!?!
AO: Sure do.
Me: Yippee!


Obviously, there was a little more than that to it; I’ve removed the names of others so that their good deeds may stand as selfless acts, as they were originally intended. I also took out the part that the phone rang funnily while I was waiting for someone to pick up; sounded like a robot burp, and I didn’t know how to articulate that.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to drive down to Lexington to pick the thing up, as they can’t allow me to send someone else to pick it up. No biggie, though, as I’ll be down there in two weeks to celebrate a late Christmas gift exchange with the girlfriend.

So, on this Friday, I give you an example of awesome kindness, as well as points for the reference in the title. And don’t Google it, that’s weak sauce.

Goals for 2009, or This Ox Is On The Move

Here we are, kids—as promised, a list of goals for the upcoming year.

Image courtesy of www.peter-photos.com

Image courtesy of http://www.peter-photos.com

To be honest, I usually don’t make New Year resolutions, let alone enough to require an entire post. This year is a bit different, though, due to some things that have happened in 2008.

The biggest thing, I suppose, is that I went from living on my own in a fairly big city, to living in my old room at my parents place in a rather small town. This summer, I wrote a post about why I was making the move. My main reason was to spend quality time with my family, and I was also excited about saving money and having a chance to reconnect with old friends in the process.

Almost a full five months into my stay here, and I was surprised to realize that I wasn’t making any progress toward moving—my paltry savings included, the money I have on hand right now wouldn’t be enough to cover the expenses of a move. I don’t know where I’m going to live, or where I’m going to work, either. EEK!!!!

A sad state of affairs, really. Could there be a magical way to get on the right track? BAM! Take the time of year, combine it with my lust for lists, and I get not only a list of things that need to be addressed inre: my move , but a decent blog post as well. Planning FTW!

  • Dedicate myself to saving more, and spending less. This probably isn’t much of a goal, as much as it is a lifestyle change. Still, it’s something I want to do. The money to get back to the city isn’t going to appear out of thin air, it’s going to take some dedicated saving. That means funneling money into a interest-earning savings account, and leaving it there. It also means being a little smarter about how I spend money—instead of putting an extra $20 toward going out to dinner or a Wii Points card (that second one hurts a bit) I could put it in the savings account to help cover future expenses. It’s possible that setting up an automatic withdrawl from my checking account to my savings might be a good tool to use in this endeavor.
  • Build a savings cushion. Unless something crazy happens and I end up getting a job as soon as I move, I’m going to need a cushion full of dead presidents to keep me afloat until I get back to earning a regular paycheck. Not to mention that having a good bit of living expenses in a savings account is a fine idea, anyway—Trent over at The Simple Dollar actually recommends keeping six months’ worth of expenses, I believe. A site worth checking out. I need to sit down and crunch some numbers; to satisfy my brain, a formula involving cost of rent, gas, phone, and other such debts will be necessary. Hopefully, I’ll have this within the first week of 2009—then, I can start to build.
  • Determine my housing situation. This is a no-brainer—if I’m planning on living somewhere else, I’d like to pin it down a bit. Specifically, I’d like to know the city (most of the options are in Lexington, but Louisville is possible, too) and who I’d be splitting rent with. At the present time, I have no less than four options to choose from, but I can’t be sure as to the stability of any of them. That’s not an insult to the people offering, plans have a way of changing. Also, will the place be furnished, or will I need to bring things like a bed, shelves, etc.? That would certainly affect how much my expenses are, as well as the “stuff” inventory I mention below. I hope to have a solid decision on this no later than mid-April.
  • Update my resume. If I’m going to be doing some job shopping, I’ll need to make sure my resume is in order. Something I find handy is to write down the tasks I do and responsibilities I’m given during a day’s work, then work them into my resume when I get home. It’s much easier for me to write about a job I’m doing now than to remember the nuances of a job I held two years ago. I also need to update the “Skills” section—have I learned anything different that might make me more valuable/marketable? Should I change the skills I put on the resume based on what position I’m applying for? This should be a fairly easy task, and I have plenty of time in which to get it done.
  • Do a “stuff inventory. I’m firmly convinced that the only time a person knows exactly how much stuff he has is when he has to move it all. Moving in and out of the dorm, my parents’ house, and my apartment over the last few years helped me realized this. In the spring, I’m going to start making a list (what up, Google Docs) of all the things that I’ll need to take, a list of things I’ll want to have with me, and a list of things to sell or donate. See, this is going to be my last move out of my parents’ place, and I’d like to get as much stuff out of their way as possible; for far too long, I’ve taken up a decent chunk of their storage space with my packrat ways. The move should help me decide whether all the stuff I have is really worth keeping.

And that, my babies, is my Move-Out Resolution List. While writing this, I thought of all sorts of other things I could resolve to do—lose a little weight, learn the entire Led Zeppelin discography—but none of them focused on this task. The move will need a lot of my attention for a decent amount of time, as it is going to be a big deal in many ways—it will be a financial biggie, due to the costs of transporting stuff and the bills that come regardless of the steadiness of my paycheck; a physical biggie, because I’ll be the one lugging most of the stuff I have (yet another motivator for that inventory); and an emotional biggie, because no doubt I’ll feel a little guilty about leaving Mom and Dad.

It’s been fun spending time with my parents, but this goldfish found a bigger bowl, and it’s hard to squeeze back into the one I had in high school. I suppose that’s when we know it’s time to fly, to mix my animal metaphors. Captain Birdfish, at your service.

What about you? Anyone else making their first resolution(s), or making any at all? Speak up!