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And Here Came May

Yes, May is here already. Insanity.

This weekend alone, I have a quick trip home to celebrate Mother’s Day, CCG’s birthday, and CCG’s mom’s graduation from nursing school. Busy times, I tell you.

I’m also going through training for my new job, about which I’m very excited. I’ve started the moving process, and am comfy enough to say that I’m receiving mail at a new address. Soon enough, CCG will be here too, and not too long after that, we’ll be Mr and Mrs. …, er, uhm…CCG? Mr. Cute Cashier Girl? Ok, so it needs work. Sue me. (please don’t, I’m friggin’ broke)

I hope to get enough time and sense about me to resume my normal blogging schedule, but with everything else I have going on, I don’t know that I can promise it. To be honest, I’m thinking that my journal might be a better place to go with some of the stuff. Not incredibly private, but a little more personal than I want to throw out on that there internet. I’m sure you understand, readers.

Stay tuned.


A Work In Progress

Over the last week, I’ve given thought to the “101 in 1,001” idea. For those that don’t know, the plan is simple: make a list of 101 things you want to accomplish in 1,001 days. Obviously, there are two difficult tasks in making such a list—coming up with 101 goals, and accomplishing all of them in the pre-determined time.  I’ve finally decided that I’m up to the challenges, though.

For the current list, click here or click the tab at the top of the screen.

Do you have a similar list? If so, comment with the link—I’d like to see what you think would make you a better you!


Also, I’m headed out of town this weekend to do the classic late Christmas gift trade with the girlfriend. It should be awesome. More details on that when I return, possibly.

How My Brain Nearly Exploded at Work!!!

It’s Thursday, kids. Or, as a colleague put it, “Friday Eve.” I think I like that better.

I’m sort of starting to de-stress about my work situation. Which only means that I finally pounded out my first brief, and no longer have to worry about it. Since I finished it, I’ve been thinking about why it was such a stressful time for me. Here are some things I’ve come up with.

1.) Short notice. I was told in a Monday meeting that I would be given more responsibility in the form of writing briefs. I was excited about this, until I found out that I had one due that Thursday, two due that Friday, and I knew nothing about the cases. Eek!

2.) Backlog. In addition to that stress, I also had a pile of “mindless” work on my desk. Up to that point, I hadn’t really had challenges at work, so I was spacing out the work I did in order to keep me steadily busy throughout the day. The “brief bomb” turned this somewhat clever plan into a fuck-up souffle, as this sort of work—marking where certain papers go in a file, documenting the receipt of said files, sending the files to FileWorld—never really stops coming in.

3.) Lack of clarity. This one actually ended up working out in my favor somewhat. When my boss said he wanted me to start doing briefs, he wasn’t specific as to which briefs I should be doing. This was a source of both stress and hope—would I have to do all the briefs, or would I be getting my “sea legs,” so to speak? It ended up being the latter, but I had some decent weight on my shoulders until a couple of days ago, when I asked my boss directly, to a reply of, “Fuck no, that would give you two strokes and a hangover.” The Boss can be okay sometimes.

After all the mental hullabaloo, I’ve been trying to re-think my work day. I no longer think it’s smart to come in with the “I get here at 8, I leave here at 5” mentality. I believe it’s time to compartmentalize or micro-manage or [insert another five-dollar word here] my day in order to streamline it, make the day go by quicker and get more accomplished. Now, figuring out how the hell I’m going to do that might be a trick, but it’s one I’m willing to learn in order to remove stress.

Any tips on this one? Are any of my twenty-something peeps also working the office life, or working a similar shift? If so, how do you break down your day? What helps you meet your work goals in a timely and efficient fashion? Comment with love.

Fill My Brain

Making use of the QuickPress feature here.

I want to read more blogs. I want to interact with the online community more.

On this NFL-playoff-filled day, I ask you these simple questions:

What blogs do you read/enjoy very much?
How did you find said blog(s)?

Help me out with some comments, yo.


P.S. Would anyone be interested in helping me (read: doing all the work because I’m CSS ignorant) make a design/layout for my blog? This isn’t like MySpace, it actually takes a bit of know how. Comment or email if you want to help my blog dress snazzier.

Gimme That Juice

Hello, readers. Rolled back into Pikeville about two hours ago. I’m very tired because:

i.) I just drove 4.5 hours in the rain/dark.
ii.) Near the end of the drive, stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a pencil cup and the second season of The Office.
iii.) Didn’t get nearly enough sleep during any part of the trip.
iv.) Being as awesome as I was, even for me, can drain you a little.

I have a couple of pictures on my BlackBerry I want to upload, but that will have to wait until later. I need some rest, would like a shower, and should probably trim my face—I haven’t shaved in at least a week, which, if you know me, means that I can’t walk into the workplace tomorrow morning, as-is.

More later, folks. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Maybe I Can Get RAM for My Brain?

As some of you know, my computer is in desperate need of a makeover—it has only 512 MB of RAM, and 16 free gigs of space on a 74.5 GB hard drive (supposed to be 80 GB, but due to OS space requirements, and a nasty little virus that is in partition hell, 74.5 it is).

A couple of days ago, I began the rejuvenation process by purchasing 2 GB of RAM from TigerDirect. At the checkout screen, I said, “Sure, I’ll use Google Checkout. I seem to remember that being awfully easy.” I even remembered to change the method of payment to my new debit card.

…but I didn’t change the address. So, my package is now headed toward my old apartment complex. Fail.

I called the apartment office and gave them my name and my old apartment number; I let them know that I’d be in town later in the week anyway, and that it would be no problem for me to pick the package up while I was there. The lady was really nice, but told me there was a possibility that the driver may just take it straight to the apartment instead of coming through the office, in which case it would be out of her hands.

I emailed TigerDirect to see if they would change the shipping address, and waited on hold for twenty minutes to get a response. Unfortunately, they can’t do it anymore, due to excessive fraud. Damn. I also called UPS to see if the would re-route the package for me, but they can only change the delivery address AFTER the first delivery attempt has been made. I also found out that delivery time was set for January 5th, which is next Monday, which means I won’t be in town like I thought.

So, here’s the best way this scenario can go, I think:

1.) The package gets delivered on the 5th (would love to assume early delivery on Friday, but with New Year coming up, I probably shouldn’t).

2.)Instead of going to the apartment, the driver does what most drivers do for this complex and bring the packages to the office.

3.) I confirm delivery via UPS website, then call the apartment office number and ask them to find the package for me.

4.) They tell me they have the package, and I end up making a trip to Lexington the next weekend, after arranging a pickup time with some one in the office.

Or, the driver could be a dick and take the RAM to the apartment, where the person who answers the door could also be a dick and sign for it. We’ll see.

Does anyone else find it funny that my memory slip happened while I was ordering RAM?

Happy Holidays from The Corner Booth

No, Happy Holidays isn’t “wrong” to say, nor is the phrase a “War on Christmas”. There are different holidays being celebrated around this time of year—Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, Kwanzaa, etc.—ergo, the phrase stays, and Happy Holidays.

I celebrate Christmas. Let me tell you, we Christmas-celebrators have some rituals, and they usually revolve around our families.

For example, tonight around 7 PM, me and my immediate family (no aunts, uncles, things of that nature) will get together at my house, and start opening presents. ONE. AT. A. TIME. None of that crazy gimme gimme mine mine mine crap. We each take turns opening a present. This is a way both to see the excitement on the person’s face, and to make the night last a little longer—after all, this life is the only one of which we are certain, and we can’t be sure how long it will last, so we have to cherish each moment like this.

Back in the day (read: up until last year) Mom and Dad would open all their gifts, and we kids would open all our gifts except the ones from Mom & Dad or Santa—those would be saved until Christmas morning. This year, however, since my brother is now married and will only be able to spend tonight with us, we’ll probably open all the presents tonight, then spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing.

I’ve also watched all the Christmas movies this year. First time that’s happened in a while. I used to just make sure I got in The Grinch (animated), Rudolph (claymation) and It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve managed to fit way more of the classics in there. Maybe I’m more in the Christmas mood, maybe I just have more time. Either way, it’s been good this year.

I plan to give you all a rundown of tonight’s goings-on in a post tomorrow—I usually don’t go anywhere on Christmas Day, unless it’s in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom-where-my-Wii-is area. In addition, I hope to give you updates on the following:

*Goals for 2009: Self-explanatory, I hope.

*Friends in Lexington: This will include, but is not limited to, the forays of Uncle Kelso and Hohjamin into the mysterious world of home-brewed beer.

That’s all I can rattle out before things start shaking here. From me to you, Happy Holidays, and may 2009 be better for you than 2008.

Thanks, and good luck,
Mike/M. Edward/Treebeard/Mr. Lydian