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Trailers for Sale or Rent, or “How I Turned Lemons into Lemonade”

Tonight, I pack my bags, for tomorrow I’m on my way back to Lexington. As with my move from Lexington back home to eastern Kentucky, I’m having some mixed feelings, but I’m positive overall.

We’ll start with the drawbacks…er, uh, drawback, rather. I’m engaged, and my fiancee can’t move with me for a couple of months. While I know it’s necessary for me to get settle in with my job and start slowly moving stuff into our room, I can’t help wanting her to be there. I love sleeping beside her. I love being able to tickle her way past the point when she tells me to stop and threatens my life. I’ve grown so used to getting to see her each day, it’s going to hurt to push that back to once every week or two. The silver lining with this, of course, is that two or three months isn’t that long to wait, especially when you get to visit the other person.

Other than not being able to be with my fiancee right off the bat, I’m excited about the move. I get to be close to my friends, and away from my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and the few friends I have here are great, but my hometown has a problem with attitude and with drugs—not a good combo, folks. Lexington has a good feel to it, a more accepting feel. I like that. I don’t know that it’s where I’ll settle down, but it’s going to be a better start than where I am now.

Sorry this blog has the technique of a first-grader, but I’m rushing to get things done before I pick my lady up for our last solid night together for a bit. Don’t worry, I’m sure in a very feeble attempt to fill the void I’ll have until she moves down, I’ll be posting more regularly. Stay tuned.


Segments: I Love Razz Edition

For those unfamiliar, razz is a lowball stud game. For those unfamiliar with poker terminology, that last sentence does nothing to help you. For anyone and everyone, here’s a link to what Wikipedia says on the subject. In a grand realization that retirement is good, Dad downloaded an online poker client to the old compy and has been a resident of my bedroom ever since. I should charge rent. Seriously.

Anyway, I get on my account from time to time and play razz. This is a bit odd, as it is widely known as a game that angers even the best players. I don’t understand why, it just is. As I write this post, I’m playing a game for fun. So many people love to play Texas Hold ’em, probably due to the poker boom that’s been going on since around 2001. It’s not my thing—I can play alright, and I’ve made money, but razz is my thing. It’s more fun…maybe not as exciting, but more fun.


The job hunt for Lexington is going…well, we’ll just say going. I have landed a job (stocking/register type work), though I’m hoping to hear back from a company I had a second interview with last week, or to land a job with a place I’m interviewing with this coming Thursday. In either case, I’ll be back in Lexington by the end of the month. Being away from my lovely fiancee for a bit will be upsetting, but with her trying to save money and me working as many hours as I can get, she’ll be with me within two to five months. Plus, I plan on making regular trips in to get things from home, so that will give me plenty of chances to see her.


Since I left my job at the law office and went back to subbing, I’ve realized that, despite what people might say, teaching actually isn’t that bad of a job. The pay isn’t that bad (could be better, but for a young guy, certainly not bad) and the benefits seem great. This is certainly food for thought as I consider possible career moves…


Everyone, keep your eyes peeled: Zombie Jesus is on the loose today.

Reckless Abandon

So, let’s talk about why I’ve been incredibly and increasingly absent as of late.

I’ve been focused on getting back to Lexington. I’ve applied for more than a few jobs, and I’m waiting to hear back. This blog post? Merely procrastinating before finishing up an application. I’ve been busy. I left the law office about a month ago, thinking I’d get to Lexington sooner.

Truth is, I’ve been torn about leaving. You see, I met CCG (that’s Cute Cashier Girl for the unfamiliar) and we really hit it off. We became official (read: changed our Facebook status) on our second date, and by the end of the week, I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my time than being with her.

So I asked her to marry me, and she said yes without hesitation.

I want to leave Pikeville—aside from family and a few friends, it has nothing for me. CCG is here, but she will be joining me in Lexington in two to six months, and we’ll be making trips to visit each other in the meantime. Truth be told, I probably would have been a bit more gung-ho about leaving had I not met CCG. I was miserable here, and was kicking myself in the teeth everyday for coming back. My intentions were good when I left Lexington, but the reality of home life sank in incredibly quick, forcing me to realize that my childhood home isn’t my current home. Meeting her made everything better, and we’re both very excited about the move (and life and all that other good stuff).

At just a little over three hundred words, I know this blog post isn’t going to satisfy those of you who are used to longer tirades, not will it appease those of you who have missed my writing and want to read more. It’s half past one in the morning, I have to be at school by 8 AM, and directly after teaching I’m taking the lovely lady to Lexington so she can meet our future roomies. It should be fun. Very tiring, but fun.

I’ll try to blog more often, if only to update you on the plans/job hunt/move/love situations. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

My Superjet Goes Twice the Speed of Sound

[super loud…super LOUD!] [this title intro format stolen from brought to you by Liz.

First, I want to say thanks to all the people who’ve sent emails or messages on Twitter showing their support for my job/relocation situation. It means a lot, really.

There’s not a whole lot to give as far as updates go. I’ve been retooling and editing my resume, and I called to let the school know that I was available to substitute for the forseeable future (read: until I land a job in Lex Vegas). I’m doing some hardcore research about the job situation in Lexington, and I’m planning on making a trip there Thursday evening so I can job hunt in person all day Friday.

And now, to dive into Hell’s kiddie pool.

[At this point, Mike took a time out from blogging, remembering that he’d tried to do his taxes on Saturday, only to be thwarted due to his lack of knowledge about his AGI for 2007. He called the IRS and stayed on hold for quite some time.]

Just Like Wax

I think too much. Well, I “space out” too much. My friends have all seen that look–that glazed over, not-on-this-planet gaze that says, “My body is on Earth, but my mind is around Jupiter.”

During one of today’s spaceouts, I was artfully and tediously making my way through the asteroid belt when I started comparing life, and life events, to wax. I was thinking about how malleable our lives are, how quickly they change, or throw us curveballs, or head in unexpected directions. My original comparison was to metal, but metal seems…well, lifeless. Cold. Hard.

Not what I expect out of life, thanks. I took a break from space to light a candle in my room (I like the light) and it hit me–not metal, you ass, it’s wax! It shocked me how similar to life wax is (and also, how different from metal). It can be here, and then not. Soft. Revitalizing. It can smell good (this is something with which metal has great difficulty—I always think metal has a blood-like odor to it).

I like wax. Especially when it smells like black cherry.

/simulated high

Wednesday Bloody Wednesday

As you’re reading this, I’m turning in my two-week notice at my law office job. Well, maybe not at the exact time you’re reading this, but it’s happening today, that should be good enough.

Why am I leaving my job, you might be asking. Commendable question, really. Long story short, I’m unhappy with where I am right now, both personally and professionally. I need more out of life then the 8-5 job, followed by going home and either napping or surfing the internet. I occasionally break out my guitar, but sometimes I don’t feel good enough to do that (!!!).

I need a better work environment, and it’d be great to get better pay, too—a college degree should mean something (like, I have some loans I want to pay back, so you should pay me more, kthxbye).  Unfortunately, the work environment in my small town isn’t that great—no real advances available. Something I’ve realized the hard way—I need my friends. More than I realized. I have one hell of a support network, and I can’t have them long-distance anymore.

I’ve thought about this move for a while, but I let my family situation get in the way. I’ve written about this before (link to come). I moved home to save money, reconnect with friends who lived here, and spend time with my family.  I’ve been able save an okay amount, but most of the friends who were here aren’t here anymore. Bummer.

And, as much as I love my family, I’ve already learned how to make it on my own. Moving away doesn’t mean I’ll never come back—I’m only a three-hour drive away. But, while I’m young, and while I have this weird spirit about me that says I really can do anything, I need to figure out what that anything is. To do that, I have to be on my own, not in some situation that makes me part-adult, part-high-schooler.

So, I’m looking for a job in Lexington, working out a place to stay, and am hoping for the best. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

Also, I’m sorry I didn’t do 20Sb Vlog Day. I’m thinking I may post one soon, provided I can figure out how to work my new camera’s video function, and successfully upload to “The Youtubes.”

Twist and Shout

Despite some minor setbacks, this Valentine’s Day weekend went well.

A running topic at The Corner Booth has been: when will Mike get his computer shit fixed, yo? The saga continues…

I make my way into Lexington around 8 PM Friday evening. I made it to my friend’s apartment, and dropped off my monitor, my old tower, and the parts for the new box. I’m lucky to have tech-savvy friends who aren’t afraid of fucking up incredibly small computer equipment; doing the assembly myself would have caused me to pee my pants. Anyhoo, they wanted to do the physical build on Friday night, and we would all meet together on Saturday morning to install the software while watching the UK game (UK beat the piss out of Arkansas, by the way).

With my parts in their care, I went out for an enjoyable evening with my future roommates Erin and Josef. We went out for dinner, then headed to Pazzo’s (only the best pizza pub ever) for some drinks. Afterward, we headed to a mutual friend’s place for a firepit gathering. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a pyromaniac, so finding things that would get the fire to a steady roar was my task for the two hours or so we were there. Very fun. Add in a Smash Bros. and Mario Kart nightcap, and it’s a solid night.

Saturday, I get to my friend’s place and find out that the motherboard—you remember, the one that I had to wait for because it was on back order—was shot. They had tested all the other parts, including the power supply, but couldn’t get the thing to come on. After a few minutes on the phone with customer service, I had a return shipping label in my inbox, and a new motherboard on the way. Looks like I’ll have to wait until next week to have my geek-out post. My apologies to those of you who were waiting on pins and needles. Of course, pins and needles aren’t exactly comfy things, so maybe you shouldn’t have been waiting on them in the first place.

Saturday evening went well, despite the fact that it was Valentine’s day and I’m recently single. I had some dinner and Jeopardy fun with Joe and Erin, then it was off to the bowling alley with Hohjamin…except that the bowling alley had about 3 lanes open, and there was a mile-long line to put your name on a waiting list. No thanks, we said, and headed to a bar with the best selection in Lexington (over 200, total). Hohjamin may have convinced me to start looking for a job early, and move out to Lex Vegas ahead of my current schedule—damn him and his MBA brains. We’ll see how it goes.

And that’s about it. I head back home today, spend a week at work, and then come back, hoping that the mobo is indeed the issue, and that the one being sent to me now is in working order. Oh, and I got a new (to me) camera! It’s awesome! I’ll have to post practice shots sometime this week.

Now, if I can only convince myself that Taco Bell is not a good breakfast…