About Mike

Hello, I’m Mike Robinson. I graduated from the University of Kentucky in May 2008 with a BA in English from the College of Arts & Sciences.

Born and raised (mostly) in Pikeville, Kentucky, I moved to Lexington to attend college and receive a “formal education.” As I near graduation, I have noticed that a good amount of my education has taken place outside the classroom. The diploma still looks neat on my wall, though.

I love playing, writing, and listening to music. Since I started studying music in the fifth grade, I have been incredibly interested in its history, the theory behind it, and the emotional release it provides for each of us. I play guitar and bass, mainly–as a huge KISS fan, I couldn’t choose whether I wanted to be Gene Simmons or Ace Frehley. I played the saxophone for eight years, and I could probably, given the time, learn any instrument with strings and frets.

I am also an avid Chicago Cubs fan, and a fan of Chicago in general (the city, although the band isn’t too bad, either).


One response to “About Mike

  1. GO BA in English!!

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