And Here Came May

Yes, May is here already. Insanity.

This weekend alone, I have a quick trip home to celebrate Mother’s Day, CCG’s birthday, and CCG’s mom’s graduation from nursing school. Busy times, I tell you.

I’m also going through training for my new job, about which I’m very excited. I’ve started the moving process, and am comfy enough to say that I’m receiving mail at a new address. Soon enough, CCG will be here too, and not too long after that, we’ll be Mr and Mrs. …, er, uhm…CCG? Mr. Cute Cashier Girl? Ok, so it needs work. Sue me. (please don’t, I’m friggin’ broke)

I hope to get enough time and sense about me to resume my normal blogging schedule, but with everything else I have going on, I don’t know that I can promise it. To be honest, I’m thinking that my journal might be a better place to go with some of the stuff. Not incredibly private, but a little more personal than I want to throw out on that there internet. I’m sure you understand, readers.

Stay tuned.


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