Trailers for Sale or Rent, or “How I Turned Lemons into Lemonade”

Tonight, I pack my bags, for tomorrow I’m on my way back to Lexington. As with my move from Lexington back home to eastern Kentucky, I’m having some mixed feelings, but I’m positive overall.

We’ll start with the drawbacks…er, uh, drawback, rather. I’m engaged, and my fiancee can’t move with me for a couple of months. While I know it’s necessary for me to get settle in with my job and start slowly moving stuff into our room, I can’t help wanting her to be there. I love sleeping beside her. I love being able to tickle her way past the point when she tells me to stop and threatens my life. I’ve grown so used to getting to see her each day, it’s going to hurt to push that back to once every week or two. The silver lining with this, of course, is that two or three months isn’t that long to wait, especially when you get to visit the other person.

Other than not being able to be with my fiancee right off the bat, I’m excited about the move. I get to be close to my friends, and away from my hometown. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and the few friends I have here are great, but my hometown has a problem with attitude and with drugs—not a good combo, folks. Lexington has a good feel to it, a more accepting feel. I like that. I don’t know that it’s where I’ll settle down, but it’s going to be a better start than where I am now.

Sorry this blog has the technique of a first-grader, but I’m rushing to get things done before I pick my lady up for our last solid night together for a bit. Don’t worry, I’m sure in a very feeble attempt to fill the void I’ll have until she moves down, I’ll be posting more regularly. Stay tuned.


One response to “Trailers for Sale or Rent, or “How I Turned Lemons into Lemonade”

  1. Glad to have you back buddy.

    Btw you mean you’ll be visiting her every week or four right? Cause we totally gotta start hanging out and its not going to work so well if you keep going to Pikeville. 😉

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