Just Like Wax

I think too much. Well, I “space out” too much. My friends have all seen that look–that glazed over, not-on-this-planet gaze that says, “My body is on Earth, but my mind is around Jupiter.”

During one of today’s spaceouts, I was artfully and tediously making my way through the asteroid belt when I started comparing life, and life events, to wax. I was thinking about how malleable our lives are, how quickly they change, or throw us curveballs, or head in unexpected directions. My original comparison was to metal, but metal seems…well, lifeless. Cold. Hard.

Not what I expect out of life, thanks. I took a break from space to light a candle in my room (I like the light) and it hit me–not metal, you ass, it’s wax! It shocked me how similar to life wax is (and also, how different from metal). It can be here, and then not. Soft. Revitalizing. It can smell good (this is something with which metal has great difficulty—I always think metal has a blood-like odor to it).

I like wax. Especially when it smells like black cherry.

/simulated high


3 responses to “Just Like Wax

  1. “Simulated” high. Yeah.

    I really, really need a “black cherry candle.”

  2. Great simile! Although I must admit I like how metal smells…but still, you’re right about it being cold and probably lifeless..great post! I really enjoyed it 😀

  3. I think I have some life in my ear…

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