The Hottest Band in the World

For those that don’t know me, I’m a big KISS fan. Huge. And, as of late, I’ve been listening to them a lot.

You see, I go through phases with my music. These phases usually involve me rediscovering a record I’ve had for a while, and finding something else I like about it. Some of you, no doubt, have been in the same position. Well, imagine doing that with the entire discography of a band with no fewer than twent-eight albums to their credit. It can be a bit overwhelming. Well, I suppose for you ordinary folk, it could be. I’m extremely well-versed (and well-chorused and well-bridged) in the ways of KISSdom.

Here are some videos I’ve been checking out lately:

That one is “Black Diamond” played on the crazy awesome Halloween show 10/31/98 at Dodger Stadium. My fave.

This is “Love Gun,” played under the Brooklyn Bridge for a show that was organized for the MTV Music Awards. Great.

I’m tired of saving this post as a draft and coming back to it, so here it is. If I think of any more KISS vids I watch regularly, I’ll let you know. Be grateful for this gift I’ve given you today.


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