Segments: Security Deposit Edition

Yeah, that’s how tired I am—not only am I writing a Segments post, but the only thing I could think of for a subtitle was “Security Deposit Edition.” Oh well, it fits the format, you get to read something, and I get to write.

As you might have guessed, I just wrote the check for the security deposit on my new place. I’m very excited about getting back to Lexington (there should be more on this in later posts) and pumped about living with my friends Erin and Josef. I’m glad that I moved back here to spend time with my family, save money, and reconnect with friends, but truthfully, I feel like a goldfish that grew up in a lake, and is being forced into a bowl. Overall, getting back to Lex Vegas will be a positive.


Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of my parents’ wedding. I’m very excited and pleased by this. They’ve had ups and downs, and I certainly don’t believe they communicate the way I would, but they know and love each other. It takes all kinds, and I’m glad that my parents are my parents.


I had the Blizzard of the Month from DQ—Choco Cherry Love. Oh. My. God. Go get one. Now. Or a pint of Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry’s. Ugh. This last bit of rambling makes me thankful I’m cutting out sweets for a a couple weeks. I’m a cotton-headed ninny muggins.


I’m excited about the 20SB meetup…


and you should be too.


I’m taking a trip to Lexington this weekend. When I come back, I will have some or all of the following: 

  • A new (to me) camera
  • A (mostly) new computer
  • A quenched beer thirst (any recommendations?)
  • Pictures of the weekend that was
  • Two newly strung guitars

Also, it’s Wednesday, or as we office/cube-types like to refer to it, “we’re at the top of the hill, let’s just coast the rest of the week” day. Monday and Tuesday of this week were absolutely killer, which begs the question: How do you get through the week? What keeps you going? Hope to get an answer from you!


2 responses to “Segments: Security Deposit Edition

  1. I have tons of beer recommendations. We shall work on that on Valentines Day while we drink away our loneliness/look for lonely girls at the bars. 🙂

    My parents will be celebrating there 29th wedding anniversary the day after Kelcy and Casey get married. It amazes me that people are together that long, but I’ve had some amazing examples of people who were ment to be together, like my parents. It’s nice to know that such love is out there.

    Course I have an aunt who is on hubby #4, and an uncle who has divorced twice and looking for wife number 3.

    Speaking of love, the Miller and Budweiser trucks are circling the capitol building again today. Seeing them work together gives me hope that all mankind can put aside their differences and forge ahead for peace on Earth. 🙂

  2. Wish I was getting a bunch of fun new stuff this weekend!

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