Segments: Snowy Tuesday Edition

When I left work, it was barely snowing—little flurries blowing hither and yon. A short trip to Wal-Mart later, and I’m going 30 mph on the main roads, and much slower on the road to my house. Like the crazies they are, the rest of my family decided to travel out to play Bingo (do they ever cancel that, or is there a coalition of old ladies who happens to be well-connected to the mob?) so I’m stuck here alone for the next four or so hours. Not that bad, really. It’ll give me a chanc e to get some things done…like blog!


My TV plan is working. Generally, I feel better. Sure, the breakup affected my mood, but you pull out a few (read: all) episodes of Family Guy, and it’s hard not to laugh a few times. Unless your name is Maxie, and you don’t like Family Guy because you watch America’s Best Dance Crew and have no soul. I digress.

In addition to Family Guy, I’ve been watching House, South Park, and The Office. I tried out Weeds, but couldn’t get into it. I heard it grows into itself, maybe I’m just not patient. Nah, I’m awesome. Probably the show. Due to my Blockbuster addiction returning, I have a disc of 30 Rock right now. Times up perfectly with the snowy weather. I’ll let you know what I think.


For those of you who have been following, my Futurebox saga continues. I mentioned in the last Segments post that the RAM I bought to spice up my computer didn’t fit the slots in the motherboard. This is partly’s fault for misreading my service tag, but partly my fault for not noticing the misread.

I was talking to a friend yesterday morning, and I said that I was almost wanted to say screw it and buy a new tower. To which my techonologically knowledgeable friend replied: “You know, that’s not a bad idea.” A few minutes of searching later, and I was in love with a barebones kit from (don’t worry, techies and nerds, I’ll post full specs and maybe pics when I get it up and running). I was hoping that it would ship early, but the motherboard is on back order. Normally, I hate hearing that term, but a very nice customer service rep guaranteed that they would be getting a shipment of 2,000 of those motherboards in this week, and that my order would ship early next week. As I’m making a trip out of town next weekend to get some help with assembly, it would be nice for the stuff to get here before then. More later.


I didn’t know it was going to happen, but it did. I finally have the craving for my next tattoo. When I wrote a post about the design, I knew I wanted it, but I didn’t have to have it under my skin right then. Now, I do. I’m trying to fucking save money, Brain—lay off the cravings! For pictures of the design plus the two tattoos I have already, click here!


Wish me luck with the snowy weather. Luck = it snowing so much I can’t go to work tomorrow. Kthxbye.


5 responses to “Segments: Snowy Tuesday Edition

  1. Come on! Weeds is awesomeeeeee 😀

  2. I have a great idea for your new tattoo…

    “maxie is awesome”

    seriously think about it.

  3. @Thrice: It has potential, but it’s just not what I like.

    @Maxie: Yeah, sure. Right on my forehead, too.

  4. I hate you and your snow days. Real men don’t get snow days.

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