Segments 2: Black Cherry Edition

First things first, I hope you all enjoyed Magoo’s guest post yesterday. He’s not enjoyed the cold weather we’ve been having lately (I think he’s a bit of a wimp in snow, but whatever) so it was hard to get him to write for me. Thankfully, he caved and helped a guy out. I’ve gotten quite a few emails complimenting him on his unique writing style. I let him know about it while we were on our way home from work today. He seemed pleased, and willing to write more in the future. We’ll see what happens.


I got my Barack Obama inauguration poster in the mail today. After some quick framing and hanging action, I must say it’s pretty awesome. This election had me wondering what the atmosphere was around presidents who’ve come along at similar times—when the better part of the country thinks we’re headed in the wrong direction, and we need need need to elect someone great. I also thought a lot about the similarities between this election and the campaign of 1972 (for more on that great year in politics, read Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72).  There was a lot of this tension this past year, and I think it was less about Republican/Democrat or liberal/conservative, and more about “we’re in a pickle here, and our side thinks that we have a real solution to get us back on track.” Honestly, I’m glad the thing’s over.


The RAM I bought? The RAM I mistakenly shipped to my old address? The RAM I had to go to Lexington just to pick up? Yeah, it doesn’t fit. I didn’t pay enough attention when looking up my computer on Dell’s website to realize that it misread my service tag, and told me I had an Optiplex, when I really have a Dimension. FAIL. Not sure what I’ll do with the stuff. Probably gonna have to buy new sticks. Oh well, at least my new DVD burner works! And new hard drive installation coming soon! Woo hoo!


This weekend is shaping up to be relatively mundane. Well, actually, Brandon is coming into town this weekend for his birthday, so we’ll probably get together and play some music. Which is cool.


I have some of the best friends. In the blogosphere and IRL. I thank all of you. You know how to cheer up a hairy guy.


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