Link Love: What Liz Said

My computer went weird for a little bit tonight. I wanted to get upset, but I ended up just letting the computer chill out so I could watch Pineapple Express with my sister. I hadn’t seen it, I was a fan. I’m pretty sure that, if there were ever a movie made about my life, Seth Rogen would play me. Ask people who know me, and they’ll agree. Unless they don’t, in which case you probably shouldn’t have asked them, as it was devastating to my case.

Anyhoo, before my computer went nuts, I was able to have a conversation with Liz from What Liz Said through the magic of Google Talk. We started talking out talking about different little stuff—gifts I’m getting my girlfriend for a late Christmas celebration (more on that at a later time), the inaguration (she lives in DC, thus will be getting the day off because of the traffic fiasco), and other things.

We eventually started talking about blogging (surprise) and somehow or another, I ended up telling her the story of how I found her blog, and how good I think her blog is. If you’ve not read her blog, you should. Of the blogs currently in my Google Reader, hers is probably the best at telling a story, making me feel like I’m right there, watching her dog eat Christmas lights.

When I try to do a series of posts, it usually doesn’t go so well (more on my latest failure/success in a later post). I’ll take a chance on this one, though, and hereby instate the practice of giving Link Love at least once a week. I’m not saying it will be a different blog each week, nor am I limiting myself to naming just one blog per Link Love post. No hard and fast rules (other than the once-per-week thing), we’ll just go with it. Go check out her blog, and leave a comment if you know what’s good for you!


One response to “Link Love: What Liz Said

  1. I… totally did not see this, you bastard! Thank you. ❤

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