Now in Technicolor!

I don’t watch much television. Well, actually, my relationship with TV is complicated.

When I wake up, I don’t turn on the TV. I’m usually running late (either legitimately or in my head) so I grab what breakfast I can and head out the door. At work, there isn’t a TV, nor would watching it be rewarded. When I get home, I’m usually tired/stressed from the day at work, and want to wind down. This would be prime TV time for me, but I usually head to my computer for a few minutes (because, you know, it’s not like I’ve been mindlessly staring at one all day doing legal briefs or anything) and then I kick back with an issue of Guitar Player, Esquire, or a good book (I’m currently reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, and I highly recommend it).

So here we are, late in the evening, and I haven’t even thought about TV. I decide to click it on, but I know nothing will be on. What do I do? I check through the DVR recordings, go straight to the “Family Guy” category, and select one of the episodes I’ve seen a billion times already (with this show, I could watch it over and over and not get tired, but it’s not fresh). Occasionally I remember to watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or The Colbert Report, but generally speaking, I just don’t remember to watch certain shows.

The magic of TV on DVD might be saving me from my normal, boring routine. I’ve purchased the first three seasons of The Office, borrowed the first two seasons of Weeds, and enjoyed watching some selected episodes from the second season of House during my New Year’s trip to Louisville. Not since the days of classic Nicktoons, SNICK, and TGIF have I thought that TV was worth watching, but…maybe, just maybe, the talkin’ picture-box has been, through this DVD voodoo, redeemed somewhat.

I know that too much TV watching is a bad thing, but it’s also possible that, when you’re dying for some sort of entertainment or distraction, too little TV is not so good, either. Compared to spending money going out to dinner or a movie a few nights a week, watching the much cheaper TV at home seems like a good way to both be entertained and save money.

What about you? What TV shows do you watch regularly, or with at least some degree of regularity? Help a blogger out.

NOTE: The author wishes to state that, due to having an I.Q. above that of a lemming, he wishes not to be subjected to serious suggestions of The Hills, Gossip Girl, and those of that ilk. Comment away.


7 responses to “Now in Technicolor!

  1. You should probably know, as you’ll eventually be subjected to such things via sharing an apartment, that I seem to have a themed tv addiction. I don’t watch a whole lot of tv, but I do tend to turn it on on the weekends and occasionally after work. What is the theme, you ask? Crime shows. Sure, I watch Grey’s Anatomy, the Daily Show, and some LA Ink, but the real competitors are CSI, Law and Order, NCIS, Bones, and, I am sorry to say, even Animal Cops. It’s a problem. But I could commit a murder and they’d never have a clue what hit ’em. I’ve got inside information, man!

  2. I’ll admit to watching some pretty crappy reality TV on MTV, but it’s usually just in the background while I’m on my computer. My favorite shows are The Office and NCIS. Recently I’ve started watching Raising the Bar (on TNT with Zach from Saved by the Bell– swoon) and Leverage (also on TNT). I’m a sucker for dance shows too, but not dancing with the stars.

    And for the record Gossip Girl is pretty addictive.

  3. I’m not big on television either my friend. If it’s not a live sporting event or professional wrestling, I usually don’t remember to watch it. However I do catch The Office and as a result, 30 Rock as it comes on immediately afterward. While I have my DVR set for those shows, the better solution is hulu. I’m currently watching the entire run of Arrested Development and other favorites like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Family Guy are on there.

    Give it a go. The video quality is awesome and the limited commercial interruptions are spiffy.

  4. TV!
    Ok, so maybe I’m a girl, but Grey’s is my standby.
    Otherwise I love SVU, and Medium.

  5. Heroes is really good! Also, anything on Food Network or Top Chef.

  6. Going to go with CSI NY. Heroes was great in the first season. Now it’s like an X-Men train wreck in slow motion. It’s like the LiveJournal of serialized dramas… except with super powers.

    Other good stuff…. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Hard to catch when it’s on, but I promise you… buy the first and second season set for $20 and Target and you won’t regret it. I promise. It’s funny in a way I never thought possible. It makes me feel better about the joke I told tonight where I equated the backs of blackberries to something in the Holocaust. Don’t ask. It was bad.

  7. It’s so funny; the post AFTER this one is the one about National Delurking Week. Love it.

    @aribabybug: Glad to know about the murder thing. I’ve watched a few episodes of L&O: SVU. The Daily Show is great.

    @Maxie: The Office used to be a big thing when I was back with my friends in Lexington. We’d all rush to one apartment every week, be running in the door at 8:59 to take a seat. As soon as it came on, we all shut up until commercials came on. Every time I watch the show, I think of those times.

    @TOPolk: I’ve messed with Hulu a little bit. I dunno, I have problems staring my screen that long. I do like the idea, though.

    @Shaba: I could make a damn good Family Guy reference about Medium, but you’re not a reference-type person. Boo. As mentioned earlier, def. an SVU fan.

    @Liz: I. Love. Good. Eats.

    @What Liz Said: When I watch CSI, it’s usually in Miami. I’ll try to give NY a shot. I’ve heard about Sunny in Philly, never seen it though. And Blackberries and the Holocaust?! Definitely gonna have to Gtalk that one…

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