So Shines A Good Deed…

You’ll remember from an earlier post that, due to a slight mishap (read: I forgot to check all the information in the “Shipping “Address section) a package containing 2 GB from TigerDirect ended up being shipped to my old address. At an apartment complex, aka Package Hell.

After contacting the main office a couple of times, with no luck, I thought that I would have to chalk up the original package as lost and order a new one. Today being Friday, friend to all cube-types, I decided to give it one last shot.

Apartment Office: Hello.
Me: Um, yes, I called a couple of times last week, I used to live there, and accidentally sent a package by UPS to that address. Have you seen it?
AO: Why, I believe I have. One of our residents brought it down to us Monday, saying that you no longer lived there.
Me: She’d be right—you mean, you actually have it?!?!
AO: Sure do.
Me: Yippee!


Obviously, there was a little more than that to it; I’ve removed the names of others so that their good deeds may stand as selfless acts, as they were originally intended. I also took out the part that the phone rang funnily while I was waiting for someone to pick up; sounded like a robot burp, and I didn’t know how to articulate that.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to drive down to Lexington to pick the thing up, as they can’t allow me to send someone else to pick it up. No biggie, though, as I’ll be down there in two weeks to celebrate a late Christmas gift exchange with the girlfriend.

So, on this Friday, I give you an example of awesome kindness, as well as points for the reference in the title. And don’t Google it, that’s weak sauce.


One response to “So Shines A Good Deed…

  1. I had to google your reference…

    sorry I’m not an english nerd.

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