Mr. Lydian In The 21st Century

It’s funny how blog posts come to me.

Every morning when I get to work, I clock in, then head to my office so I can check out my Google Reader. I scan, skim, read all the little tidbits I can. This particular morning, I was reading Coffee Girl’s post about technology, and thinking about how much sense it makes. I like the idea of robots—it’s a challenge to overcome. Start planning.

Moving forward to 8 PM…

On my way home from work, I purchased a wireless router. I hadn’t needed one before today—my first three years of computer use were in the dorms, where internet access was free, and last year I lived in an apartment complex that gave its residents internet. Add to this the fact that I only have one computer, and that machine is a desktop, and a wireless router was a waste of money in my mind.

But then, I bought a Wii. And my sister just got an Xbox 360. We both want to play online sometimes, and I always want to have computer access. Something had to give.

Setting up the router itself wasn’t that hard of a chore, actually. The computer picked everything up perfectly. After a few failed attempts to get the Wii rocking the wireless, I figured out that I hadn’t set the the router to act as an access point (duh), so problem easily solved. However, being a Nintendo devotee, I was unaware that the Xbox 360 needs an adapter—that costs $100—to pick up wireless signal.

Goddamn. Think fast, Mike—how are you going to make this work? How can you make your sister happy? For fuck’s sake, she needs to play Gears of War 2 with her guyfriend, make it Fucking WORK!!!!

Then…an idea… *Grinch smile*

I remembered I had a Cat-5 cable measuring 50 feet*. Given the short distance between our rooms, I was positive I could use this cable and a couple of well-placed, pint-sized holes to hard-wire her beloved Hal0 Box to our connection. One backache and almost an hour later, she was playing Gears online with her dude, I was checking out the Web on my computer, and the Wii was rocking some YouTube videos in the background.

So, my day has been bookended by technology. Maybe Liz was right, and the robots are going to take over. I think I heard a song about this once…

Enjoy what time you have left, human.

*I understand that a 50-foot Cat-5 cable isn’t a normal thing to have around the house. I bought mine from a really cool campus electronics store that probably closed down because its deals were too awesome. The way my dorm was laid out that first year, I needed a lengthy cord. The only choices this store had were 12 feet, or 50 feet. 12 sure as hell wasn’t going to work, so I left with a much longer cord than I needed. I have to say, though, it’s come in very handy in the past, and you can clearly see I needed it tonight.


3 responses to “Mr. Lydian In The 21st Century

  1. πŸ™‚

    I liked this.

  2. Sweet. Routers are always good. I just set up one at the Hoh’s last night. If you haven’t already, I would HIGHLY recommend setting up some sort of security on your wireless. I would also HIGHLY recommend NOT using WEP. I can crack WEP in less than 5 minutes… and so can many other people. So unless you want to get busted for having child porn downloaded on your network, don’t use WEP. The much more secure alternative is WPA. (Don’t worry, both the Xbox and the Wii can handle WPA encryption).

    If you need help setting it up, let me know and I’ll lend you a hand.

  3. @liz: Thanks. I liked this too πŸ˜‰

    @Uncle Kelso: Um, yes, I’m sure help would be nice. I do want to keep the feds from busting me because some random person wants to get their jollies from little kids. I’ll hit you up soon.

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