From Louisville

Alright, I’m trying to blog with my BlackBerry while watching the NFL playoffs. To say the least, I’m working against the current. We’ll see how it goes. Note to self: wish really hard for a BlackBerry WordPress app.

I was just distracted by the game. Cards v. Falcons in HD. Excessive celebration penalty following a safety. Greatness.

In Louisville, have been all weekend. Since Wednesday. Celebrated New Year’s Eve with my friend Alyssa at an Irish bar on Bardstown road. Very fun.

Read a great post over at The Simple Dollar inre: learning and deliberate practice–will link to both when I get back to my machine.

Speaking of which, Dad told me yesterday that my new hard drive came in the mail, as well as a shirt I’d ordered. Waiting on a journal from Barnes & Noble. Still trying to figure out the RAM thing, though to be honest it hasn’t been at the forefront of my brain.It’ll get figured out.

Ribs, then poker, where I’ll likely think about the different labels of a certain scotch, rather than pot odds or the number of outs or something. I wish I had my journal, or a notebook at least. I’ve not written anything for a while, and it feels odd. Good sign.

–Okolona, KY, just off Preston Hwy.


One response to “From Louisville

  1. Ah, Irish bars are sooooooooo cool! 😀 yummy, beer 😀

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