Maybe I Can Get RAM for My Brain?

As some of you know, my computer is in desperate need of a makeover—it has only 512 MB of RAM, and 16 free gigs of space on a 74.5 GB hard drive (supposed to be 80 GB, but due to OS space requirements, and a nasty little virus that is in partition hell, 74.5 it is).

A couple of days ago, I began the rejuvenation process by purchasing 2 GB of RAM from TigerDirect. At the checkout screen, I said, “Sure, I’ll use Google Checkout. I seem to remember that being awfully easy.” I even remembered to change the method of payment to my new debit card.

…but I didn’t change the address. So, my package is now headed toward my old apartment complex. Fail.

I called the apartment office and gave them my name and my old apartment number; I let them know that I’d be in town later in the week anyway, and that it would be no problem for me to pick the package up while I was there. The lady was really nice, but told me there was a possibility that the driver may just take it straight to the apartment instead of coming through the office, in which case it would be out of her hands.

I emailed TigerDirect to see if they would change the shipping address, and waited on hold for twenty minutes to get a response. Unfortunately, they can’t do it anymore, due to excessive fraud. Damn. I also called UPS to see if the would re-route the package for me, but they can only change the delivery address AFTER the first delivery attempt has been made. I also found out that delivery time was set for January 5th, which is next Monday, which means I won’t be in town like I thought.

So, here’s the best way this scenario can go, I think:

1.) The package gets delivered on the 5th (would love to assume early delivery on Friday, but with New Year coming up, I probably shouldn’t).

2.)Instead of going to the apartment, the driver does what most drivers do for this complex and bring the packages to the office.

3.) I confirm delivery via UPS website, then call the apartment office number and ask them to find the package for me.

4.) They tell me they have the package, and I end up making a trip to Lexington the next weekend, after arranging a pickup time with some one in the office.

Or, the driver could be a dick and take the RAM to the apartment, where the person who answers the door could also be a dick and sign for it. We’ll see.

Does anyone else find it funny that my memory slip happened while I was ordering RAM?


3 responses to “Maybe I Can Get RAM for My Brain?

  1. It is funny actually…I would use a RAM pill or something for my brain as well!
    (and I hope you get your RAM safe and sound)

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  3. You can partition a virus? Seriously? I love it. I am picturing your virus with two heads and horns, banging his head on the sides of the teeny box you have trapped him in. Dude won’t be fucking with your temp files, that’s for sure.

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