Happy Holidays from The Corner Booth

No, Happy Holidays isn’t “wrong” to say, nor is the phrase a “War on Christmas”. There are different holidays being celebrated around this time of year—Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, Kwanzaa, etc.—ergo, the phrase stays, and Happy Holidays.

I celebrate Christmas. Let me tell you, we Christmas-celebrators have some rituals, and they usually revolve around our families.

For example, tonight around 7 PM, me and my immediate family (no aunts, uncles, things of that nature) will get together at my house, and start opening presents. ONE. AT. A. TIME. None of that crazy gimme gimme mine mine mine crap. We each take turns opening a present. This is a way both to see the excitement on the person’s face, and to make the night last a little longer—after all, this life is the only one of which we are certain, and we can’t be sure how long it will last, so we have to cherish each moment like this.

Back in the day (read: up until last year) Mom and Dad would open all their gifts, and we kids would open all our gifts except the ones from Mom & Dad or Santa—those would be saved until Christmas morning. This year, however, since my brother is now married and will only be able to spend tonight with us, we’ll probably open all the presents tonight, then spend the rest of the evening talking and laughing.

I’ve also watched all the Christmas movies this year. First time that’s happened in a while. I used to just make sure I got in The Grinch (animated), Rudolph (claymation) and It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve managed to fit way more of the classics in there. Maybe I’m more in the Christmas mood, maybe I just have more time. Either way, it’s been good this year.

I plan to give you all a rundown of tonight’s goings-on in a post tomorrow—I usually don’t go anywhere on Christmas Day, unless it’s in the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom-where-my-Wii-is area. In addition, I hope to give you updates on the following:

*Goals for 2009: Self-explanatory, I hope.

*Friends in Lexington: This will include, but is not limited to, the forays of Uncle Kelso and Hohjamin into the mysterious world of home-brewed beer.

That’s all I can rattle out before things start shaking here. From me to you, Happy Holidays, and may 2009 be better for you than 2008.

Thanks, and good luck,
Mike/M. Edward/Treebeard/Mr. Lydian


2 responses to “Happy Holidays from The Corner Booth

  1. I definitely want to read 2009’s goals 🙂 Maybe I should write my goals down too.

  2. Mmmm, homebrew.

    Happy Christmas, Mike, and Good Yule.

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