You ever have a day where you wake up, and you know your day is shit, and it continues to be shit, but toward the late-middle, it sky rockets into awesomeness? I just did. I woke up to my sister asking me if I would take her to school—her Jeep was having issues. This was a bad sign, as it meant she was running late, which meant that my alarm hadn’t gone off and I was also running late. “Yes,” I said, and rushed to get ready for work. Made record time on that, by the way—even for a dude. Called work on my way out to let them know I would be running behind—an hour behind, as it turned out. Ugh. Tack on a five minute walk to work from the free parking garage, and we’re having a great morning so far*.

It’s 9 AM at this point. I decide to clock in, go to my office, say little to anyone, and slow roll my way to lunchtime. I was banking on getting the lunch boost that usually hits me, and combining that with the desire to correct the error that had been my morning, thus becoming SuperMike**. I even bought some Vanilla Cherry fudge from this badass place down the street, hoping that its presence in my desk drawer would give me a boost. And it did…

and then I broke the fucking copier.

Technically, it could have happened to anybody. Anyone could have been makin’ copies+ at that time and caused the sensor to come loose. But it was me, and I was having a bad day, and the weather was shit. I’m usually not a Bob Bummer, but on occasion I can be a bit of a piss-and-moaner. The copier wouldn’t have bugged me, but it was very essential to the work I wanted to get done. Pissed, I went to my office and shut the door—something very out of character for me. I did mindless paperwork the rest of the day—typing form letters, printing and mailing out notices, calling clients. I wanted nothing to do with the world outside my office.

Thirty minutes before the work day ended, the copier repair dude arrived and fixed the machine. I was too pissed to start the work I’d planned to do, but it was nice to know that we had something positive going on. I left the office and went to the one place I knew could help me get out of the funk—the music store.

It was amazing to me that, upon saying in my head, “I think I’ll head to Sound House,” all my work troubles decided to stay at work, and not follow me home.

I’ll need to remember this for the future. I walked in, and instantly felt at ease. Good friends, plenty of guitars to look at—it’s hard to want more. After half an hour in there (in which I was able to teach a kid who wanted to “play like Slash” that all he had to do was practice and love the guitar, and he would find the way. I’m a master.) I felt better, and headed off to dinner with some friends. The service wasn’t that great, but it was a good time, and I could feel I was on an upswing.

So, I get home a couple of hours ago, and I pick my guitar up. Mikey is back. And, as if that weren’t enough, tomorrow is great, for a few reasons:

1.) It’s Friday. Who’s gonna argue with Friday? Not me.
2.) We’re putting up the Christmas tree at home. Nice.
3.) Three years ago tomorrow was my first date with my girlfriend. We’ve been on and off, sort of, so there are a few dates we could pick. We pick this one (coincidentally, it will be the 25th anniversary of Mom and Dad’s first date tomorrow—and now you know why we put up the tree on December 5).

So, there you have it: the story of how a really shitty day took a turn for the better. Savor the flavor, it doesn’t happen often.

* = drizzle sentence with sarcasm, serve cold
** = I get excited, the beard becomes more prominent. None have seen this with out instantly shedding tears of joy.
+ = I totally meant for you to say that in the classic Rob Schneider SNL method.


10 responses to “Turnaround

  1. Awwwwwwww! Mike! I’m glad for the double anniversary and because setting up the tree is awesome 😀 have fun 😀

  2. blah i hope my friday gets better!

    congrats on 3 years!

  3. Congrats to you and Meg.

  4. @Antonella: Setting up the tree is fun, but we had a little problem this year. More on that in the next post.

    @liz:: I’m talking to you now, and your Friday is better!! Awesome!

    @Jordan: Thanks to you (and the previous two) for the congrats. P.S.—All that shit in Mumbai? Yeah, they’re mad because they thought they were gonna see Alyssa, and found out otherwise. They are soooo pissed.

  5. I liketh not your new look (-eth).

  6. I think being around music can cheer just about anyone up. Mine is usually in the form of hearing a song on the radio that I haven’t heard in forever… and then jamming out while getting funny looks from all the drivers around me.

  7. @Jordan: It doesn’t think you’re a bundle of roses, either.

  8. Actually, I was clearing out my spam folder in Gmail the other day, and found an email from one “Mike’s new blog visual style.” The email contained one line: “I think you’re just a bundle of roses.”

    Now, it is true that this might be construed as an insult — as if to say that I am MERELY a bundle of roses, when I ought to be a lot more. I think that would probably be an unfair way of interpreting it, but either way your claim would seem to be thoroughly refuted, or at least rendered highly problematic.

  9. @Jordan: I laughed until I cried when I read your last response. A little because you said the message from me was in your spam folder, when it was actually in your folder labled “Kitties, Rainbows, BFFs, and Marmalade Junkies,” but mostly because you thought you “ought to be a lot more” than a bundle of roses. Yeah, and then you wake up…

    I digress.

    Unless you can give me scientific proof that you had no less than 11/16 of a pitcher’s worth of Blue Moon in your bloodstream, I’m afraid your use of the term “highly problematic” will have to be disqualified. This leaves you finishing your statement with “or at least rendered highly.”

    Rendered highly? What, they did some sort of relief sculpture honoring my claim? A picture of some sort at the top of the Empire State Building–that’d surely be “rendered highly.” Better yet, did they create these tributes while under the influence of marijuana? Lends a certain altitude to the process, wouldn’t you think? How about at the top of Mt. Everest, where oxygen is low and the brain may not function as well? Would that count, you dunce?

    Mike’s new layout

  10. That’s great! It usually seems that once I’m in a bad mood, I view everything through that lens and have trouble brightening up. That’s definitely not a good attitude to have, though, so I try to be mindful of it.

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