Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?

Magoo is alive, with the sound of…music.

Let’s rewind. A little over a year ago, Magoo had his voicebox stolen. Some asshole violated him, and took his only method of communication. That bastard might have gotten away with Magoo’s stereo, but I pledged to avenge…or at least, replace it (something funny: the stereo couldn’t play CDs anymore—I just used it to listen to my satellite radio). So I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, after many months of letting his vocal cords hang out of the dash, I gave Magoo a voice…for a bit.

You see, ever since July, my stereo hadn’t worked. I was perplexed. I kept thinking, why would it stop working? Why do the music gods forsake me? Why can’t I rock out!!!!

And then it hit me: while working on my truck, my dad had a guy install the stereo for him. Bam, there it was—someone to blame. This mystery man had clearly fucked something up. I decided to investigate today. Sure enough, the wiring wasn’t up to snuff, and the “hot wire” (the wire that gives the power to the device) was disconnected. I wish I’d taken pictures to show how messed up it was, but that would have frustrated me even more, so I just fixed it. My reward? I’d left the first disc of KISS’s Alive II in the player, so the first words I heard were…

You wanted the best, you got the best; the hottest band in the world—KISS!!! (enter opening riff to Detroit Rock City).


* * * * *

I mentioned satellite radio earlier. I’ve been thinking about getting it hooked up again. I was really happy with my service last time (you know, before some dick decided he would mess with a college kid and steal his shit) and that was before the XM/Sirius merger. I’m pretty sure I would go with Sirius if I decided to subscribe again—it’s just making the committment to another, albeit small, monthly payment. Especially when I’m considering buying RAM and an external hard drive for my computer, and when I can connect my Zune via Aux In jack.

The RAM, as discussed in a previous post, would perk my system up a bit. The external hard drive would serve solely for music storage—I have way too much to keep on the machine itself, and I’m getting more. It would also be handy for pictures, I suppose. The idea: having a place for my files while allowing my computer to run as efficiently as possible. Again, much more to consider here. Updates as they are available.

Thanks for reading. As a gift, a video from 1976—Halloween and lip syncing. Gotta love it.


2 responses to “Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?

  1. OMG! This video is a “must watch” πŸ˜€ not only is it a classic, but it’s also kinda bizarre…in a good way πŸ˜€

  2. I’m glad you were online too, posting drunk rules! πŸ˜€

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