Man, Remember When Shaba and Mike Blew Your Mind?

Remember that part in Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny when the phrase “What we got is gonna turn your brain into liquid shit..” is thrown out there? Imagine that, times about a million. Yeah, intense.

You see, after last week’s Blog Swap adventure, Shaba and I decided that it would be a wonderful idea to blow your minds each week. Pretty nice of us, eh? We thought so. For more on this, check out Shaba’s post chronicling our arise…TO POWER!!!

Dig in, folks, here we go—the conversation that started it all. We had been talking to each other re: our blog swap posts, and were having a bit of trouble with linkage….

Shaba: ok, so I fought with wordpress but I won

Mike: haha, what happened?

Shaba: as soon as it decides to load I’ll give you the link. it wouldn’t let me link to you…weird

Mike: wordpress is probably just afraid that our powers combined won’t just make capt. planet, but make the earth implode

Shaba: captain planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero! i had a captain planet planeteer ring—this makes me the coolest girl ever.

Mike: what! color me jealous!!! what element were you?!?!

Shaba: the ring had a compartment on the top so you could switch out the elements!

Mike: so badass!!!

Shaba: i also used it to put smarties in and pretend I was Underdog

Mike: oh. em. gee. I love Underdog. Not that live action shit, the old school stuff. and I love that his arch enemy was Overcat.

Shaba: cartoon underdog, yes. ohhh old school nickelodeon, my childhood misses you

Mike: indeed it does; where have you gone, rugrats? ren and stimpy, why have you forsaken me? AH! Real Monsters? You have left me, and I am sad.

Shaba: Legend of the Hidden Temple!! I will be a Blue Barracuda always! Stick Stickly?! We miss you! I wanted Nick to take over my school sooo bad

Mike: AH!!!!!  new york city, new york state 1-0, 1-0, 8! Why the hell could the kids NEVER put together the shrine of the silver monkey?

Shaba: THEY ALWAYS SUCKED! it was three god damn pieces! in the shape of a monkey! not. hard!

Still alive? That’s because we went easy on you. Now you know we have the power.

Did this post bring back memories of getting mad when the school bus was running late because all you wanted to do was get home and watch Rocko’s Modern Life?  Were you ever pissed when you missed an episode of All That because your family wanted to do something crazy like go out to dinner? Here’s a chance for you to relive and talk about those moments—as well as praise Shaba and myself for bringing this chance to your computer screen. You know you’re jealous.

Just look for the title “Man, Remember When ______ Was the Best?” It’ll be hard to miss. Why? This thing—gonna be big. Huge. You’re welcome.


3 responses to “Man, Remember When Shaba and Mike Blew Your Mind?

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  2. 1 – I wanted to be on All That SO BADLY
    2 – I still remember the address to write to stick stigly (po box 963 NYC, NY 10108)
    3 – I sewed a Hong Kong Phooey outfit for my friend in college. And yes, it was awesome.
    4 – I miss my childhood. 🙂

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