Shaba’s Taking Over

20SB Today’s guest post is brought to you by Shaba from A Blog of Her Own.

This is all part of the 20 Something Bloggers Blog Swap 3. Don’t forget to go check out my post over on her site!

Don’t be alarmed, dear readers, but this is a Take Over. A blog takeover. Muahahaha.
My name is Shaba. I blog at A Blog of Her Own, but today I have full control of Mike’s little piece of the internet thanks to 20SB-Blog Swap!  To showcase my power—SHAZAM!

You’ve just been Rick Rolled. Scared yet?

Ok, ok, fine. I guess I’ll follow the rules Mike and I discussed in a very entertaining gchat conversation. So, I’ve been spending some time in this here corner booth and I have a few outsider observations:

1) Mike is a hairy dude with tattoos.

2) Mike recently turned 23 and celebrated for approximately three weeks. Actually he’s still celebrating. Thanksgiving is a feast held in his honor*. This impressed me because I too celebrate my expulsion from my mother’s womb over a period of days. Usually it’s an entire 3 day weekend where I demand pink cake, ice cream and lots of booze. This year I also demanded a sparkly pink dress, next year I think I’ll demand Manolos. Or a pony. Made of gold.

3) Mike is political…or something. To tell you the truth, as soon as I see anything related to politics my brain goes into hibernate mode, but I applaud him for his efforts to de-stupidfy Americans who can’t buy a clue about Obama. Note to the religious right: The 700 Hundred Club is not a reliable news source.

4) Mike lives in Kentucky. I live in Pennsylvania, sometimes referred to as Pennslytucky by it’s residents. Connections, connections! Also, I’ve recently discovered that Kentucky is the the only other state besides PA whose residents refer to their state by it’s postal initials. KY&PA, BFF. No matter that your abbrev is equivalent to a lubricant, we still like you.

5) Mike has an English degree. Just like me! This means we’re both more qualified to write blogs than you are! Hah! It also means we’re both not really using our degrees the way we expected. I see you accountants snickering, but guess what? I hate numbers, so there! Letters are much prettier and…and…and. Damn it. I’m poor.

6) Mike reads books. I sorta figured that from number 5, but he also writes reviews about books. I write reviews about books too, sometimes, when I’m being serious and literary. Lately my posts have been about shampoo and cookies and sex. But when I get my “Serious Blogger” impulse back I’ll write a review about how awful I thought A Million Little Pieces was. Oprah, you let me down girl.

Part II of Blogtastic Blog Swap Adventure
Mike and I decided to spread the blog love in a most interesting way: link love! Here are five blogs I read daily…or whenever they decide to update:

1) The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy. She’s hilarious. ‘Nuff said.
2) It’s Like I’m….mmmagic! Brandy is like my blog big sister. I think she’s the epitome of cool and she puts up with my comments and emails and tweets. She’s the DJ to my Stephanie. Minus the Danny Tanner Hug….at least for now.
3) Oh! How Lovely! Jamie is the reason I blog. I think she’s the bee’s knees.
4) Chelsea Talks Smack.  Chelsea’s life is inspiring. Her writing is captivating. Her voice is golden.
5) No Ordinary Rollercoaster. Ben! Ben needs no introduction! He’s a blog superstar. Read him.

Otay. so go check out those fine bloggers and I hope you enjoyed my takeover…we now return you to your regularly scheduled Mike

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6 responses to “Shaba’s Taking Over

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  2. I love me some Shaba! ❤

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m seriously flattered to be in the list with those legends…

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  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A NCIE COMMENT, I hadn’t seen it before, I really appreciate it….I’m all wamr and fuzzy inside now. CHEERS.

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