A Note About Blog Swap Day

Some of you may have read in my last post that, this Thursday, a guest author would be writing my post. Well, that’s true…but, I kind of have a little confession to make…

(it was supposed to be today)

To explain why you aren’t getting the juicy morsel today, I’ll simply quote my blog swap partner—no, not because I’m lazy, but because her explanation made me laugh (read: spit out a bit of my lemonade):

First things first. Today is blog swap day, but my partner and I decided to wait until tomorrow. Because we’re too cool to follow the rules. And we were a little late on the uptake due to a terrible ninja/technology malfunction (Read: We didn’t get around to making our game plan til last night). However the plans have been laid, and there is some super kickass-edry on the bill for Thursday. Seriously. You’ll be blown away. You won’t know what hit you. Unless you guessed “pure blogtastic awesomesauce,” then you’d know what hit you.

How could I do better than that? Tune in tomorrow, folks.


One response to “A Note About Blog Swap Day

  1. (shakes head) Rebel without a cause…

    Just kidding. I wanted to do the blog swap thing, but I clearly don’t check 20 something enough cause I missed the deadline.

    (also, I secrertly think blogging trends/obligations are irritating. EX. Video blogging day)

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