You Never Know

Back from my white-knuckle weekend. It was fantastic. I always enjoy going back to Lex Vegas for some good food and friends. Seeing the girlfriend never hurts, either.

I was supposed to have a job interview today, but they rescheduled on me. They were going to put me down for Friday at 10:30 AM, but I’m going to be in South Bend, Indiana, so I got them to schedule me mid-week. I wish I could have done it today, but on the bright side I was able to get a haircut and a shave during the time I would have been interviewing today, so I look a little better—might help snag the job, and definitely helps the self-esteem.

I hate dandruff shampoo, and I hate the person who told me to use it. It has my hair all dried out. Good thing I’m back home, where I know the people who cut my hair. One thing I do hate about Lexington—very hard to find a good haircut.

To take a page from Liz’s book…

(Currently listening to “Close to You” by The Carpenters)


3 responses to “You Never Know

  1. I can’t wait to write my best seller about the corporate coruption I endured and how I finally broke free.

  2. Don’t settle for shampoo.

    Demand the real poo.

  3. @liz: And I can’t wait for some serious name dropping. For real.

    @Jordan: A joke that bad deserves punishment. Soon.

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