Endorsement Delight

This election is historic, fast-paced, and crazy. I like to add fuel to the fire every now and then, so here we go—The Corner Booth’s Election ’08 Endorsement-palooza!

Barack Obama, Democratic Nominee for President

For those who read my blog, this is no surprise. I’ve made volunteer calls in swing states, I’ve put stickers on Magoo, I’ve donated money. Even though McCain was hilarious at the Alfred E. Smith dinner and during his appearance on SNL, we didn’t see enough of that McCain during this election year. That, coupled with Obama’s ability to move people and desire to turn this country around gives him my vote.

Bruce Lunsford, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, Kentucky

In a race that as little as two months ago was considered in the bag for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, we see the polls deadlocked. McConnell has been obstructing important legislation, preventing the expansion of health care, and delaying the increase of minimum wage when the prices of fuel and food were going up, up, and away. Lunsford has a record of creating jobs for the state, and has a solid business background. We need to stop bleeding money and work on reducing the national debt; McConnell is nothing but a rubber stamp and obstructionist-in-chief for the GOP.

Al Franken, DFL Candidate for U.S. Senate, Minnesota

I’ve actually been keeping an eye on this race for a bit. At first, it was because there were three interesting candidates. Now, it’s because I’ve read up on Franken’s views, and gosh darn it, he could pull it off! I honestly think he would be a good addition to the Senate—not just for Minnesota, but for our country as a whole.

Kay Hagan, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, North Carolina

Honestly, I hadn’t paid attention to this race until Elizabeth Dole ran her “Godless” ad, which was a complete lie. I called the Dole Campaign and requested they remove the ad from the air, and the guy I talked to said that they didn’t mean for the ad to imply that she was ‘godless,’ but instead questioned her association with anyone from the Godless Americans group. I told him that he knew good and well the ad was trying to call Hagan godless, and that everyone needed to remember the following slogan:

That’s all I have, kiddies. All of these candidates have a good shot at winning their races—if we can get out and show our support by voting for them this Tuesday.


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