Abandoned Review Turns Into Useful Knowledge

So, when life went crazy in Mike-land, I halted my plans to start a “all things book” site. I also stopped posting book reviews. The only book I partially reviewed was Getting Things Done by David Allen. It’s a productivity book that is praised hither, thither and yon by people from all walks of business life. I treated it as a great read, but life went and pissed in my Cheerios, causing me to go back to my slobbish ways.

Guess what?

My motivation is back (though, I don’t think I can do the book site anymore). Gearing up for a major project at work, David Allen whispered in my ear: “read my book.” I’ve since been in a filing/organizing craze ever since. My work is shedding tears of joy, I’m doing it so well. The surge I needed to get through the next five days, methinks.

Also, I’m reading about humanism. Thoughts so far—what’s not to like?


One response to “Abandoned Review Turns Into Useful Knowledge

  1. hi, that’s truly right…:)

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