Edward Bedlam & the Return to Ankhfinity

Sounds like an Indiana Jones title, doesn’t it? It’s not; just a sorry excuse for me to show you what will be my next tattoo, once I scrape up the cash.

It’s rough, but that’s the basic idea. I’ve been drawing that symbol for a long time; in third grade, I was drawing it in ‘stick-man’ form, which made it look like a poorly drawn clover. I later learned that what I was drawing was a combination of two already-existing symbols—the ahnk, and the infinity symbol. How badass is this kid…

Anyhoo, I like the way the symbols look together, and in a good artist’s hands, it’ll make a nice design, methinks.

But wait—did you say this would be your next tattoo? Does that mean you have others?

Astute observation. For your viewing pleasure:

And there you have it: my family in ink. The pictures aren’t great, for the Blackberry Curve’s camera is a little meh, but you get the idea.

Yargh, the weekends be slow for bloggin’, yeeearrrghh.


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