What will go down as an important moment in my history occured today—I received my first bill for my student loan repayment. And it begins…

It’s an odd feeling, owing an amount like that. Something I’ll have to juggle for a while, that’s for sure. It’s like my first real feeling that I’m no longer in college, and out in the “real world” (which, I contend, I’ve actually been in for quite some time, but that’s another post). It should be the first of many financial challenges that test my ability to make a budget and follow it. Ugh.

I’ve come a long way from ALF, Mortal Kombat, or a Hardy Boys book being the best things ever. Responsibility is rearing its ugly head, and I don’t like it. The key, I think, is to manage to think young—to keep the spirit energetic, and not get bogged down with all the depression that could come with such things as loan repayment, sudden realization of adulthood, etc. 

Being down just isn’t my style—I just need to be crafty.


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