Ignorance and the Election

“Obama is the antichrist.”

Those were the words that actually came out of some dumbfuck’s mouth today–the words that sent me over the edge. 

“No, he’s not,” I replied, “and you are ignorant; you are the most ignorant person I have ever spoken to.”

A little backstory is needed, I believe. Earlier in the day, I’d found out that my dad, on his way to dialysis, had his insulin level bottom out, causing him to pass out and total his pickup. He’s okay, but I was obviously worried about him, and stressed for the rest of the day. Add to this the increasing tension of hearing people ignorantly blurting out similar statements—“Obama is a Muslim, and I’m a Christian, and I don’t want to vote for him;” “I’m not gonna vote for no goddamned n——;” “Obama’s a terrorist, and will destroy this country.”  

With all this in the background, I blew my top. I went on a rampage—telling him that Obama was a Christian, that Muslim wasn’t a dirty word, that Obama wasn’t a terrorist, that not all Muslims were terrorists, that if he was what Christians claim to be that his religious faith wouldn’t matter as much, that Bush and the goddamned religious right have divided this country, that his ignorance should revoke his right to vote. He kept making false claims, I kept letting him know that he was wrong—not that we happened to disagree, not that we had different viewpoints on this particular issue, that he was and is wrong. 

He then gave me another “fact” (read: bullshit information taken from Fox Noise) that “the only group of voters that Obama was going to win was the college vote, these young kids who don’t know anything about how the world works.” I told him that there were college kids who knew more now than he would ever know, and that just because someone has the desire to be educated, to be surrounded by viewpoints different than their own does not mean they don’t know what they’re talking about. He asked me how old I was. “22,” I said, “and I don’t need my college diploma to tell me that you’re a racist bigot.” Click.

I’ve had enough of this fucked up culture, of the notion that, because someone was “born in a different time,” that they are somehow forgiven for their ignorance. There should be no more sitting idly by, silently nodding our heads as old timers who have “earned respect” blather on about how minorities aren’t worth a damn and how they’d never vote “one of them” into office. Fuck that. You get the respect you earn, and a mindset like this should put you at zero. 

I, for one, can remain silent no longer. I will no longer hide my preference for Obama by putting my buttons into my pockets when I go into a public place. I will not allow people to claim that their race is better than that of another. If these racists, these bigots, these fearmongers have the arrogance to make any more comments within earshot, I will have the decency and intestinal fortitude to let them know where they stand.


P.S. Another post to come in a day or two, focusing on the comments of a prominent local lawyer and his racist editorial in the Big Sandy News. What fun.


9 responses to “Ignorance and the Election

  1. I agree — negative campaigning really sucks. I’d join 20 something bloggers, but I am 13. Maybe I should start a teen-something bloggers site…


  2. The most infuriating part is that there is nothing – absolutely NOTHING – that will convince these people otherwise.

  3. Here Here!! It’s great that you have decided to stand up and tell the ‘blissfully’ ignorant shits of the world that they are ones with problems. Unfortunatly as grubstreethack pointed out, these people are so hard-headed that they will not change their opinions. So not only are they themselves ignorant of how the world works today (not how it was back in the good ole days), but they are too stupid and hardheaded to hear reason.

  4. Some food for thought: Obama’s mother (God bless her soul) married two, yes two Muslim men. Although he might be Christian, I can’t help but think this helps fuel the fire.

  5. @todie42: Racists will use what they can (mostly, their own ignorance) to try and tear down Obama. Most of the people in the country know, however, that Muslim isn’t a dirty word, nor is it an “evil religion.” All the racists will do is show themselves to be truly ignorant.

  6. @todie42: I think it’s more accurate to say that Ann Dunham married first an atheist and second a Muslim man who has been reported as a “free spirit,” not the extremist type of Muslim that most of America seems to think all people of the Islamic faith are. I think, by the time one is heading off to graduate school, one can choose for one’s self what religion with which to affiliate. If Barack Obama Sr. said, during his life, he was an atheist, I see no reason not to believe him.

    There is no reason to have a suspicion about Barack Obama’s religion, if for some strange reason it matters to any voter out there. My dad was raised Baptist, never went to church after his early teenage years, is very noncommittal with regards to religion, and I have thought myself an atheist since seventh grade (when I first thought about the subject seeking answers). For someone to suggest I was a Baptist terrorist is about as ridiculous as what people mean when they say “… Obama is a MUSLIM TERRORIST” because of what his father was born into. When he lived with his stepfather, he received a Christian education for three years and a nonreligious, government-run education for the remainder of his years in Indonesia.

    I took a World Religions class and learned loads about the Islamic faith. Am I a muslim?

    Any attempt to classify Obama as a muslim is idiocy, plain and simple. It’s impossible to truly believe a lie when the truth is screamed so loudly from every corner of the room, and no person believing Barack Obama is a muslim is anything more than mistaken, stupid, and hypocritical. They should take a few seconds for some soul searching and see if their God would condone their actions and respect their words.

    (This is aimed at no one in particular >.>)

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  8. even if he was muslim, why would it matter??

    people lose all sight of what is really important…a person capable of running the country successfully.

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