Racist Bigots

You know, as a blogger, I’m always on my soapbox. I’m either stating my opinion on the election, or describing a video game or new album, or my inexplicable hatred of teaspoons. It’s how I roll. Let me use this soapbox today to tell you the tale of some not-so-nice people I’ve talked to over the past few days.

I live in eastern Kentucky. Generally speaking, the people are nice, as they tend to be in most every town—even New York. Some of the people I’ve had the poor luck to converse with lately, though, are bad—very bad. You see, they’re racist. And ignorant. And bigots. 

This is a small minority of the people I’ve talked with lately, but it does exist.

You see, these people are, by and large, Democratic voters. Most of these turds will even tell you that they’ve never cast a Republican vote in all their lives (I’m not a fan of straight ticket voting: you can have a D or an R by your name and still be a shitty congressman). Then, they proceed to tell you that they will NOT vote for Barack Obama. I was letting the subject go for a while, but the journalist in me couldn’t take it anymore—so I started asking why.

Some would start their responses with, “Well, I’ve been a Christian all my life, and I don’t think his religious beliefs are those of a person I’d want running the White House.” Others would say the same thing, only in less words: “He’s a Muslim.” Your honor, Exhibit A.

Barack Obama is not a Muslim, he is a Christian. He attends a Christian church. The Republicans have even attacked his Christian preacher (I know the stories, please don’t leave them in the comments). Calling Barack Obama a Muslim is ignorant on a couple of counts: first, all credible sources say that he’s a Christian—the information is out there, and these people are too lazy to look it up. Second, there’s nothing wrong with a person being a Muslim. Ever since 9/11, people have been so jacked up on fear and bullshit that, suddenly, every person of the Muslim faith “has to be a terrorist.” It’s malarky, folks—get over it. If you’re a true Christian, and you’re not tolerant of others, should you really be allowed to set foot in church?

Another type of person you get: the ones who won’t vote for him because he’s black. I heard a guy say he wasn’t going to “go vote for no goddamned n——!” I looked him in the eye and told him he was ignorant, that this wasn’t the 1860s, and that if he truly felt that way, he needed to be stripped of his right to vote. He was an old man, but to hell with him: you get the respect you earn, and you start from scratch.

I don’t care what your politics are, everyone would have to agree with me on these issues, wouldn’t they? How could they disagree, and not be labeling themselves as racist bigots? They couldn’t. Plain and simple.

If you think the color of a man’s skin determines his personality, his character, his moral fiber—if you think a man’s religious faith must be the same as yours for him to be your equal—you are a bigot, you are a racist, and to quote Carlin, “stunningly and amazingly full of shit.”


3 responses to “Racist Bigots

  1. Great posts – I live near St. Louis and I have had similar converstaions with far too many people. It amazes me that people can be so ignorant in 2008.

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Jenn.

    What really frustrates me about the whole thing is the ignorance. If you look up “ignorant” in the dictionary, you get:

    “destitute of knowledge or education; lacking knowledge…; unaware, uninformed; showing lack of knowledge or awareness of a particular thing;”

    This means, roughly, that all of these people have not bothered to look into the situation for themselves; rather, they just stick with what their daddies and mommies thought, because if it was good enough for their parents, it’s good enough for them. By depriving themselves of knowledge, they label themselves accordingly.

    Thanks for reading, I plan to check out your posts later tonight—lots of work to do…


  3. it’s amazing that there are people out there that still will place a vote based upon something that is completely irrelevant to the ability to do the job at hand.

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