Anger Over Palin

So, any of you guys been following the election? The news, maybe? Hmm…well, what about the amazing, befuddling, downright mind-boggling stuff coming out of Sarah Palin’s mouth—any of that grabbing your attention, showing up on your radar? Ah, yes—I thought so.

Seriously, what the hell? McCain took a gamble and lost on this one—he shouldn’t have to worry though, because we’ll probably pass a bill saying that even though HE was the one who bought the lottery ticket and lost, WE’LL give his money back (hintedy hint hint). 

What’s the quote…”Better to remain silent and have people think you’re stupid, than open it and remove all doubt.” Yes, I bet some GOP members wish mum was the word/rule for veep candidates.

I hate to be short and sporadic here, but my anger with this pick is surpassed only by my confusion. I’m an Obama supporter, but did McCain really think this was a good decision, or did his staff keep him from picking Lieberman, or someone else he actually might have known/liked?

This, in my opinion, is but one straw in the bundle that broke the maverick’s resolve. I believe there was a time when many staunch Dems would have said, “If I had to vote for a Republican, it’d be John McCain.” That’s gone now, what with all this craziness of the Palin pick—in my view, Palin in 2008 is a hell of a lot like Eagleton in 1972, blog post forthcoming.

Enough for now, I suppose…wait, more news. I have two new badges: Bloggers for Obama, and Music Lovers for Obama. Check them out.


One response to “Anger Over Palin

  1. Confused in Frankfort

    Could you please explain to me the conotation between music loving and politics? I’m not sure I understand. I read your blog and I know your a smart guy so maybe this is just over my head.

    P.S. Palin Sucks!!!
    P.S.S Cubs Suck!!! and they lost to the Dodgers!!!
    P.S.S.S I love you Mikey

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