Wind Up Workin’ At A Gas-Stay-Shuh-hun!

Title of the post is a big fat reference to my man, Frank Zappa. It’s one of my favorite songs of his. Coincidentally, it also might turn out to be an accurate description of my life. I’m still going to apply at other places, for sure, but it’s hard to drive by a sign that says “$8.00 an hour” and not be curious. I worked in the Fuel Center at a Kroger before, I’m sure this will pretty much be the same gig. If nothing else, it will be a steady paycheck until something else comes along. 

But, I thought you were a substitute at your old high school? What happened to that?

I was, I am, and nothing happened to that. I can still sub, but only when there is a need for me. I just can’t drive up to the school and teach each time I need to pay my cell phone bill, as stupendous as that would be. I need a steady income, folks—for now, subbing will just have to be bonus money.

UK held a See Blue Preview Night at Pikeville’s own East Kentucky Expo Center. I have my diploma already [note to self: get a frickin’ frame to show that baby off] but wanted to see a friend of mine, so I headed downtown. I met up with him and we proceeded to talk about anything and nothing at all. I know him from my days working in the Central Advising and Transfer Center as a staff assistant—a job way more exciting than it sounds. I left with lots of laughs, and a huge hankering to play golf…or, something like it.

Astute observers will notice that I’ve added a “Hire Me” tab. You should check it out, and tell your friends. If it’s within reason, I’ll revise or write copy for it (read: don’t let me proofread your nuclear weapon plans, I’m a huge rat).

Must sleep, children; I have an interview tomorrow, and I need to shop my resume around. Good thing I shaved today.


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