Mr. Lydian & the eBay Paradigm

This past Sunday, I completed my first eBay transaction as a seller. A natural zesty enterprise, indeed.

It was easy to list my item, easy to sell, easy to collect payment, and very easy to ship. All this easy made me start thinking: how can I do this again? I soon came to the conclusion that, although it’s fun every now and then, I don’t really use some of my video game gadgetry. That being said, over the next few days, I’ll be putting my items up on the auction block.

But, what if I want to buy them?

Glad you asked. I just added an eBay Listings tab to this blog. The links in that tab will take you to all the current auctions I have going at the moment. There’s also a link that will take you directly to my user profile, which also has a collection of my current listings (as well as a super sweet picture of me). I’m not offering any sort of “make me an offer” type promotion, but you’re more than welcome to bid on anything you see.

This is the current game I have up for sale:

What about you? Do you have any eBay tales to tell—or for that matter, any advice you’d like to throw my way? Leave a comment, I’ll be sure to read.

Happy bidding!


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