It’s Sports Night in America

It’s Sunday night, Week 2 of the Mixed Couples League here at home. According to the score sheet given out tonight, we went 3-1 last week. My average was 124, which gave me around 50 pins of handicap. I bowled better tonight, but we were only able to win one game tonight. Personally—and this is not sore grapes here, it does happen—I believe the team we bowled against did bad last week in order to get handicap, that way they could bowl normally this week AND have some cushion. Whatever, we won one at least, so it wasn’t a total waste. 

Team record (W-L): 4-4
Week 1 Average: 124
Week 2 Est. Average: 134 

On a somewhat related note, I want to get a bowling shirt. I’m thinking that I want the one worn by the Dude during one scene in the movie. The yellow and brown one that says “Art” on the front. It’d be great. I also want these sunglasses, replicas from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Bowling isn’t just a sport, it’s an excuse to wear goofy shit. 

My Bears lost today—heartbreaker, too. By three points to the Panthers. Ugh. It’s okay, they dominated the Colts last week, 1-1 is acceptable. They have Tampa Bay (1-1) next week; a win there would really boost confidence (as well as give me reason to laugh at my cousin, a huge Bucs fan). The Denver call was shit, in my opinion—watch Sportscenter, and you’ll see what I mean. Also, Green Bay’s looking mighty tasty, but let’s please wait until after the first half of the season to start the “future hall of famer” talk. Sometimes, I hate sports commentators.

I’m excited about the return of Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. You should be too.


2 responses to “It’s Sports Night in America

  1. You know what you should be excited about? Fucking Notre Dame playing fucking decent football, that’s what. Yeah, you know who this is.

  2. Is th—Is this…Is this Sean Astin? Sean Astin, who played the title role in Rudy? You know, the ND football movie?

    I bet it is. Good for you, Sean…good for you.

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