We were all scared. We have all fought hard. We have all kept making it. We all have a story about where we were. Not a person in this country is without a vivid memory of where they were when they heard the news that America had been attacked. Today should be a day of remembrance of those who died, and of immense gratitude to those who worked to save lifes even though they were putting their own life at great risk.

Some would use this infamous day, this horrible series of events for their own political gain. I can say it no better than Keith Olbermann did last night in a Special Comment on Countdown, so I’m providing the link. I saw the RNC “tribute” to 9/11, and was appalled that those graphic images—the images that the major news networks have long since agreed not to show, out of respect—were used as nothing more than a way to instill fear. This, coupled with John McCain’s apparent foolproof plan to catch Osama bin Laden, sent a message: I have the plan to catch the man you hate, the man we all hate, and if you don’t elect me President, this will certainly happen again.

I’ve tried to steer clear of politics on this blog, mainly because I didn’t want to turn off any readers who had opposing political views, but otherwise enjoyed what I wrote. I don’t care about that anymore, not after Sen. McCain and the Republican Party used the worst attack on American soil in an attempt to get more electoral clout. 

I’m not saying that every post on my blog will now be political, only that in places where I would have previously held my tongue, I won’t.


One response to “9/11/2008

  1. i try to avoid writing about politics too.

    i was thinking about how crazy it is that it has been 7 years since 9/11. it feels like yesterday.

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