Communication Breakdown

First things first: totally got a Twitter reply from Rachel Maddow (MSNBC’s newest hostess with the mostest) thanking me for my appreciation of her prime time tag team with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. Life is great—now I just need Mr. Olberman to send me those cans of moose chunk stew…

Third consecutive day of subbing. Different teacher today—health/fitness, not Spanish. I don’t think the normal teacher makes the kids do anything, which sucks for me because I don’t like having rowdy kids who are used to doing nothing, and I sure don’t like it when they bitch about me giving them something to do after I asked them 3.0 x 10^18 times to shut up. Today’s assignment: reading an article re: the Hadron Collider. They seemed to focus on the idea that a microscopic black hole could be created; couldn’t shake them from saying that the scientists were “ignorant” and “were going to end the world.” I mentioned Y2K, only to realize that the oldest of the kids I taught were six when that crap went down. Le sigh.

I would also like to take back my statement that the Volcano Taco is not spicy. Apparently, there was a sauce mix-up with my first encounter, thereby leaving a false first impression. I tried it again, actually got TWO of them, and they had the acclaimed Lava Sauce. I was on fire. Well done, TB, well done.


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