Last.Fm and the Quest of the Stone Gods

During a trip to my friendly neighborhood music store today, I grabbed a music mag and stared at the cover, looking for something to distract me from the sound of a teenager sluggishly playing “Smoke on the Water.”  The cover of the aforementioned mag (sorry, can’t remember the title) had a phrase that said something to the effect of “Dan Hawkins Returns!” For those of you who are unaware, Dan Hawkins was the rhythm guitarist in The Darkness–you know, the band who sang “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” and had a singer with both an addiction to catsuits and a crazy falsetto?  Needless to say, I was excited.

I flipped through, and read about Hawkins’s new band, Stone Gods. From what I understand, they are the remnants of what was The Darkness, retooled with a similar yet edgier sound, and a new moniker descriptive of that change.  I made a note to check them out once I got home. 

I decided the best way to do this was to sign up for an account on radio.  I used to use Pandora, but my main complaint with it was that it would always force me to listen to music from other artists, based on certain characteristics.  I didn’t always want to listen to new music though; how many of you listen to just the radio/CDs/mP3 players?  That’s what I thought. gives you the opportunity to explore new music, but also allows you to listen to just your faves.  You can even pick out single songs–that way you can listen to “Mandy,” but not have the entire Barry Manilow catalog in your library.  It’s like iTunes meets radio, and I fucking love it. [Special thanks to Mr. McBastard from 20SB for having a widget on his blog, grabbing my interest.]

Anyhoo, I checked out some Stone Gods tracks, and I was very pleased.  Rock that’s right up my alley–it’s like the glory of the 1970s has come to future to kick my ass.  I’m loving every minute of it, and am waiting with my pants down and my ass facing the southern sky for the next bruise.


2 responses to “Last.Fm and the Quest of the Stone Gods

  1. For some strange reason I think Queens of the Stoen Age when I see that picture. Lullabies to Paralyze album.

  2. Found another great website for Music, it’s called Deezer and offers free and legal music on demand, you can check it out at

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