Do You Remember Hullabaloo?

Well, did some bowling tonight.  Pretty much sucked it up.  That’s how that goes.  Of course, the last time I bowled was probably a year ago, and it was only three games.  I’m not too worried about it–the low average will give me a nice handicap, and I can carry that into next week, when I hope to kick ass.

On another note, I just watched the Chicago Bears whoop up on the Indianapolis Colts.  The defense was absolutely amazing, and rookie RB Will Forte averaged 5.3 yards/carry with one TD.  The last rookie to start for the Bears?  Walter Payton, and he only had eight carries for zero yards.  Take that, Manning.  You just got served.

Yes, my friends, life is good.  The internet and bowling have teamed up to give me something I’ve been lacking for over a month–a social life.  I’m reminded of those AT&T commercials where that old guy goes to various locations (i.e. the Fountain of Youth, the site of Amelia’s crash, the end of a rainbow) and brags about finding the Internet.  I bet if I look under my bed, I’ll find a pot of gold…actually, nope, I was wrong. Damn.

I’m on another Paul Gilbert kick.  YouTube that shit–Paul Gilbert.  The guy is amazing.  And not just because he can play fast, but he’s tasteful, and he has a quirky style–I dig quirky.  He’s playing a new guitar now, called the Fireman.  It’s the Ibanez Iceman, in reverse.  It looks so cool, I have to have one. For now, I settle for his tasty grooves.

I suppose that’s all for now. It’s been a busy day, and I have plenty to do tomorrow as well. I deserve to take a swim tomorrow evening–that sounds like a plan.


One response to “Do You Remember Hullabaloo?

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