The Dude Abides

I feel right, kids–I feel right.

Internet successfully working, which means I can stay in contact with my friends much easier.  Hopefully be starting to work soon.  

Gonna be bowling with my peeps on a Sunday league.  My brother and sister should be on my team, so that’s cool.  It also gives me a reason to quote The Big Lebowski for the next 32 weeks (the average length of a league).  Best quote may have been spoken by Walter when he said…

“Nihilists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.”

So good.  So good.

What about you?  Any Lebowski fans out there?  There was actually a great article in Rolling Stone about the movie.  10 years celebration type thing.  I wrote the author and said thanks.  Not very often you get a focus on movies like this.

Enough.  Must keep checking out Google Chrome (review later?).


4 responses to “The Dude Abides

  1. Also, let’s not forget, let’s not forget that keeping wildlife — an amphibious rodent — for domestic — you know, within the city … that ain’t legal, either.

  2. Nice marmot.

  3. You know, I watched that movie recently for the first time, and I wasn’t thrilled. There were some good lines, but it’s one of a very few movies that I just kept waiting for the end of. It made me uncomfortable somehow. But then I saw a sticker at Mellow Mushroom that read “Mark it 0, dude.” and I thought to myself “YEAH!!”

    So I’m really undecided. Perhaps I should have read said article.

  4. It’s a movie that requires a certain bit of…I don’t know what. It’s different, and I think that’s why I like it. The dialogue–the sweet, buttery dialogue–is more than enough to keep me watching for the rest of my days.

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