Edward Bedlam & the Internet From the Black Lagoon

A few days ago, I received a package containing all the items I would need to create an Internet connection at home.  Lots of sweat and a hour-long phone call to tech support later, I had no internet.  A technician is stopping by tomorrow to check the inside and outside wiring.  I think it’s the outside box–I looked inside, and that shit is all messed up.  Long story short–I hopefully resume communicating on a regular basis by tomorrow evening.  More updates as they are available.

I tried a Volcano Taco today.  It wasn’t that hot; I didn’t even break a sweat. 

Did anyone else ever read the Hardy Boys books?  I haven’t seen them since elementary school–I remember them being fun.  Comments appreciated.

Disjointed format now = more depth later.

Turned in my application for substitute teaching today.  I make my rounds tomorrow, letting people know I’m available.  Wish me luck (and money).

More to come.


2 responses to “Edward Bedlam & the Internet From the Black Lagoon

  1. Of course I read the Hardy Boys. What boy doesn’t growing up. Now if you’ll excuse me there is an abode on a precipice I must check out. 🙂

    *In case you miss the reference, one of the best Hardy Boy Books, and one of the earliest ones was called The House on a Cliff *

  2. Hardy Boys = my heroes. Just so you know. I can actually look to my right, as we speak, and see the Hardy Boys Detective Handbook.

    So there.

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