I’m watching a show on the History Channel called Countdown to Armageddon.  They’re talking about the Four Horsemen right now.  And now about the beast who will apparently attempt to conquer Earth.  Seriously, Revelation is the best book in the entire Bible, for my money.  I invite anyone to read the New Testament as literature, and realize that, away from the all the spiritual/religious stuff, it’s actually a good book.

Let’s change the channel.  Hm.  TV Guide Channel is talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  The idea of celebrity bugs the hell out of me.  I dunno.  You do a couple of movies/albums/books/whatevers—you could do a mediocre job, mind you—and suddenly everyone wants to know your whole story.  It’d be pressure, to be sure.  Why the hell are we so fascinated?  I understand the “if I understand them maybe I could learn to be famous” idea; if you wanted nothing but to be famous, it makes some sort of weird demented sense to look at famous people and try to nab a few pointers.  I think we just go too crazy about celebrity.  It’s fine to have role models, but I think our time would be better spent developing our own personalities and talents instead of trying to know every single detail about anyone who pops up on our TV screen.    </accidental rant>

In baseball news, the home run derby is tonight 8 PM, ET.  My pick to win it?  Wolf Blitzer, making a guest appearance and fulfilling a childhood dream.


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