After much aggravation and torment, I am back to using Firefox as my web browser.  I like 3.0 a lot.  Safari was good, but it doesn’t have StumbleUpon compatibility, which I now need–it is easily the best way in existence to find new and interesting websites.  Be cautious, as it can be extremely addicting, and lead to countless hours spent burning your retinas with your computer monitor.

When it comes to my music selection, I must admit that I go through cycles.  One week, I could be listening to my all-time favorite band, KISS, and the next, I could have a craving for Frank Zappa or the Beatles, or I could want to take in a bunch of random songs for a while before I go back to my normal collection.  Paul Gilbert is rocking my world right now.  He’s been with Racer X and Mr. Big, and has had quite a productive solo career as well.  His last two albums have been purely instrumental, but he has done plenty of vocal work as well.  He is incredibly fast, but he also has a great pop sensibility; if you check it out on YouTube, I’m sure you could find videos of him covering songs such as “Fly Me to the Moon” and “2 Become 1.”  Does anyone else out there have a timetable issue like this with their music?  It seems a bit odd to me, but maybe I’m normal.


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