A Little Hold Music

A bit of greatness:  At the moment, I work in customer service–answering phone calls, fixing issues.  Well, two days ago, a lady from a different department was transferring a customer to me, and she had to put me on hold.  I told her to take as long as she needed, partially because I didn’t want her to feel rushed, partially because I wanted a break from talking.  As she puts me on hold, I’m expecting classic elevator music (not all varieties of which are bad, by the way) but to my surprise, “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire comes through my headset.  I think this song is not only great pop, but one of the best disco recordings in the history of man.

In other news, it seems that John Edwards has appeared on Barack Obama’s list of possible VPs (I can’t bring myself to type ‘veep’ with any seriousness, it sounds like it should be an alien’s name).  The length of that particular article, along with its subject matter, make me think that this was published only to give Wolf Blitzer and Jack Cafferty something to talk about later in the day, but it is still interesting.  Obviously, I’m not privy to the entire list, but I would assume that Edwards would be the top choice for most Americans.  Obama/Edwards would be a prime example of a populist ticket, and would give many Americans hope that the current downward spiral we’re experiencing would turn into a great upswing.  My  two cents.  More later.


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