Leaf by Leaf

First things first:  I was making Miis on my Wii today.  I made V from V For Vendetta.  So badass.

As a recent college graduate, it feels great to be making enough money to cover what bills I have, and have a bit left over.  I understand that, as time goes on, I’ll pick up more bills, which will require more money, but I’m satisfied for now.  Since my financial situation is improving, I’m attempting to make it even better by educating myself on different issues related to personal finance. My dad always told me “if I took care of the pennies, the dollars would take care of themselves,” and I firmly believe that–I’m just looking for some smart ways to enact that policy.

I’m planning on taking a trip to my local library soon for some basic (read: “for dummies”) money info.  I don’t know enough about the stock market, so I’d like to see what all the hubbub’s about.  I would also like to get some information about secondary income; I don’t want a second job, per se, but rather a way to make money “on the side” (like using eBay to sell things I don’t use, or doing some freelance articles for various newspapers).  I’ve also found a neat blog called The Simple Dollar (I’ve linked to it in my blogroll–check out my sidebar) which focuses on financial info for the common person.  That aspect is very appealing–not everyone has $1000 that they can easily access to throw in a mutual fund and let it sit there for however long, and they might not be able to keep depositing high dollar amounts into that fund on a regular basis.  The Simple Dollar does contain investment ideas, but also focuses on how everyday people can curb their spending here and there, and really turn their financial life around.

Let’s see, what else…oh!  Slow progress is being made on the Book Review’s website/blog.  I’m still trying to flesh out certain aspects of the site, making sure that I can include a little something for everyone, and lots of things for me.  Sounds a little selfish, right?  On the surface, sure.  Look a little deeper, though, and it makes sense that I would want to be like a kid in a candy store with such things–if you can’t see the passion someone has for something/someone else, wouldn’t it make you question if they cared at all?  Satisfying yourself as a writer will put you a great deal down the path of satisfying your readers.  More news as is available.

Other than that, not much to report.  I move to my new place in late July, I’m still going bonkers with my Wii, and my guitar playing is slowly getting back to where it used to be (I still need to force myself to sit down with a metronome so I can increase my speed and polish my timing).  My calendar/planner tells me I should be in bed now–I think I’ll take it at its word.


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