Why I Love Louisville

As expected, the trip to Louisville was absolutely wonderful.  My girlfriend and I spent the day walking up and down Bardstown Road, taking time to stop in our favorite places and experiment with a couple of others.

*Book and Music Exchange–I don’t know what I can say about this place that I haven’t said already.  The staff is always friendly and willing to joke around (they had a sign up saying “no air guitar or air bass,” but they did allow air drum, thank goodness).  Easily the best place in the state to buy, sell, or trade movies, books, video games, music, and other such items.  I received $50 trade-in credit for some games that I never play anymore, and I used it to buy Trauma Center: Second Opinion for the Wii, and five–yes, five–DVDs: Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2, School of Rock, What Lies Beneath, and Reservoir Dogs.  All sorts of excellence exist in abundance within the hallowed walls of BME.

*Guitar Emporium–Conveniently located right next to BME.  Guitar Emporium has a very nice selection of electric and acoustic guitars and basses, as well as some very nice amps and a test room where you can crank the volume a little louder than you normally could in the main area of the store.  Truth be told, I’ve never bought anything from the store, not even a few picks or a pack of strings–but the place has a great feel, and the prices I’ve seen have been reasonable.  In my opinion, the Emporium is much better than the Doo Wop Shop located on the other side of the street–GE has a much better selection, and a better atmosphere.  I’ve been thinking about buying a bass/amp setup, and while I’ve not found a “she will be mine” ax yet, I think I’ll have a better chance of finding it at the Emporium than anywhere else.

*EarX-tacy–As a Lexington man, I’m always happy to walk into CD Central, because I know that whether I’m in the mood to try out a new band or stick with the classics, there’s something for me.  Ear X-tacy is the same way.  The two big differences between the stores, aside from location, are a.) Ear X-tacy has more space for its wares, and b.) Ear X-tacy has way more self-promotional merch (shirts, hoodies, Louisville’s weird, etc.).  The prices are about the same, although CD Central seems to have more deals on used items.  I didn’t pick up anything here–I was too elated from getting my loot at BME to think clearly about a musical decision, though I wish I would’ve picked up some Stravinsky, or Beethoven’s 5th.

*Coco’s Chocolate Cafe–Best discovery of the year so far.  To get out of the heat and kill a little time, my girlfriend and I stopped in to see what a chocolate cafe was.  A really nice man was at the counter; he explained the menu, the prices, and gave us water and free samples of ice cream (the latter being so good, we actually ordered a serving each).  We also tried a truffle which was really tasty, but the name escapes me.  This is a neat little place, and while the chocolate is a bit expensive for my taste, I believe it would be a nice once-in-a-while treat.

After all this, we left Bardstown Road and had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  I’m always satisfied with my food and the service here–and they give you free bread! 

A very good trip this weekend, to say the least.  If you’re in or around Louisville, I highly recommend seeing all of these places–you’ll be glad you did.


2 responses to “Why I Love Louisville

  1. Always good to hear good things about Louisville, especially from someone in Lexington. Well, you know what I mean, right? I just get tired of all the ‘red and blue’ bickering and I’m glad to hear someone be able to appreciate what we have to offer. I like Lexington though I don’t get down there much. I’m just proud of my state altogether and I hate the reputation we seem to have nationally. People are just haters.

    Thanks for spreading some love! Hope to have ya back soon!

    Take Care

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