Take a Little Trip

I’m going out of town tomorrow.  A very small part of the trip will be devoted to “Wii research”, but most of it will be spent having a wonderful time walking around in Louisville with my girlfriend.  As such, I probably won’t be publishing my Wii post until Sunday evening.

While in Louisville, a trip to BME–specifically, the Bardstown Road location–is absolutely necessary; in fact, it’s probably where the bulk of my “research” (read: purchasing) will take place.  For my money, it’s the best place in the state to buy the latest and greatest video games.  They’re always trading, and they recognize that games like Final Fantasy VII have a much greater value than, say, Cooking Mama.  BME offers lots of games on many systems, and they’re also a great place to find DVDs and TV box sets (I recently picked up a 3-DVD set that included The Aviator, The Departed, and Goodfellas, all for $19.99). 

I think this post is evolving from a review of a few games into a commentary on the system itself. Probably a better way to go of it, as I’m currently entertaining the idea of a Mario Kart Wii vs. Super Smash Bros. Brawl post.  Maybe I should include a comparison to its predecessor, the Gamecube–a system that never quite got off the ground.  All of these are details to be hammered out on the road, I suppose.  Let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter.


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