Using Gyminee to Get in Shape

That’s right, I’m using our 21st century gadgetry to help my own cause–getting to a healthy weight.  First, let me state that I don’t have any kind of weird complex or anything–meaning that I don’t go days without eating, I don’t make myself puke, and I sure as hell don’t have a funnel or an IV supplying me with food 24/7.  I do realize, however, that I’m overweight, and that if I want to thwart my parents’ medical histories, I need to start doing something to improve my situation.  

So, how is technology involved?  Good question.  As noted in previous posts, I’m getting into web-based applications (applications accessed from any computer with an Internet connection that don’t take up valuable space on your computer).  Through my incessant blog reading, I’ve found a site called Gyminee that matches my obsession for webstuffs with my desire to get down to a healthy weight.

The site is really easy to use.  You sign up, then the fun begins.  Gyminee calculates your nutrition needs based on your age, weight, weight, gender, and activity level.  It provides you not only with a per-day calorie goal, it also gives you a goal for protein, carbs, and fat.  Neat, huh?  This works in tandem with a “track what you eat” function.  You can input what you’ve eaten into the system, and it keeps track of your progress toward each goal (there are sweet looking graphs that break it down for you as well).  You can also join an exercise program, or create your own.  There are videos for most of the exercises, explaining how to properly perform them (which comes in handy for a guy like me, who gets confused when he’s too far beyond a concentration curl). 

Support is a big part of losing weight, and Gyminee has taken that into consideration, as is evident by their Groups and GymBuddies features.  With these tools, you can create a network of friends that can be your cheering section.  You can also hook up with people in your area, and schedule group workouts via messages or group forums.  

I’m going to start using Gyminee.  It’ll allow me to be on the Web, and to achieve my weight loss goals (which, I can see on a chart on my Gyminee home page, called my Locker Room).  I’ll keep you posted.


3 responses to “Using Gyminee to Get in Shape

  1. You know, I need to lose about 10-15 pounds. Keep me up to date on how this works out, and maybe I’ll join you.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Just read your post and wanted to follow up with you about your experience with Gyminee. We are continually working on enhancing the features and will soon be coming out with a ‘Challenges’ tool that will allow users to create their own group challenges. For example, who can lose the most weight in 30 days or who will be the first to reach 10,000 sit ups etc.

    Please feel free to contact us with any additional ideas you may have.

  3. Mike Robinson


    Very nice to hear from you, and thanks for reading my blog. Though the past week or so hasn’t so great for me weight-wise, I absolutely love using Gyminee. The Web 2.0 guy in me loves the social aspect, and the nerd in me loves the graphs. I’ll be sure to get in touch with you re: any suggestions I might have.

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