Pressure, and its Ceasefire

Just a few things from the news desk.

I’m on my second full day of using Twitter to help me keep track of what I eat.  Not gonna lie, it’s been helpful, and very revealing in a number of ways.  I thought a calorie count would be good enough, but I’ve already learned that there are more things to consider (grams of fat, sugar content, etc.).  I’m going to stick with this program, though.  It’s not the most joyous feeling to read that you’ve just consumed 47 grams of fat by eating the Arby’s Chicken Bacon and Swiss combo, but that’s the point.  When you see that information and think, “Oh my damn, did I really just eat that?” you’re motivated to stay away from fast food, and to think of alternatives for your daily meals.  At least, that’s the way my brain is wired.  The process is certainly a little rough around the edges–my goals need to be fine-tuned and revised, I need to start an exercise regimen, and I need to figure out exactly how I want to measure what I eat–but it’s a process nonetheless, and I believe it’s going to work.

I’ve been getting into web-based applications lately.  Google Reader (for RSS feeds), Google Calendar, and (social bookmarking) have all been playing a big part in how I use my computer–and, to an extent, how I organize my life.  The big benefit, of course, is that the apps are on the web, meaning they aren’t slowing your computer down as much.  Maybe I’ve been reading GTD too much, but I like the idea of having an external hard drive for my brain, so to speak; I need all the space up there I can get.  Click the links, hopefully you’ll find something you like.

I’ve also improved my ability to sketch a project on paper.  In an effort to jettison things from my brain, I pull out a pen and a notebook of some sort, and go to work.  Big tasks, and the actions related to them, get drawn up.  Doesn’t seem like much, but with each item I write down, I free up that much space in my head so I can focus on achieving the tasks instead of worrying about them.  I’ll try to upload an image of an actual list I’m using at a later time.

All for now.  I have songs to learn, songs to remember, and songs to write.  


2 responses to “Pressure, and its Ceasefire

  1. This twitter business scares me. I don’t have a clue how you manage to keep up with it.

  2. Mike Robinson

    At first, I was confused by it, too. I posted a link to explain exactly what Twitter is in my post titled “Hodgepodge.” The video is from the good folks at Commoncraft, whom I recommend if you’re wanting to learn about anything tech-related.

    Another way to think about Twitter is this: picture it like Facebook, except the only thing you can change is your status. Facebook limits the amount of characters you can type in the status–so does Twitter. A Facebook status’s purpose is to inform people what you’re doing at that moment–and that’s the idea with Twitter.

    For me, the Twitter magic happens when you’re following a few people. It’s at that point when you can see what numerous people are doing and a good social network begins, as opposed to being all by yourself, and the only updates you see are your own.

    Of course, I’d totally understand if you viewed Twitter as unnecessary and intrusive, and decided to plot its eradication.

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